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Top 5 Addicting Brain Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

We all know we have to keep a healthy and active body. But what about our brains? Diseases such as Alzheimer’s are common. So what can we do to protect our games? Surprisingly, many experts point to gaming.

Maybe shooting zombies isn’t a game that will keep your brain sharp. But many fun games are amusing and boost your cranial. And they’re addicting enough to keep picking up.

If you’re not the type of person who enjoys other brain-healthy activities such as reading, certain games can also enhance your mental strength.

Here are 5 fun (and addicting) brain games to start playing.

1. BrainHQ

BrainHQ is highly recommended because it was created by a team of neuroscientists. That’s how you know these games are effective!

The games offered at BrainHQ range from games that challenge your memory and challenge your sense of navigation.

They offer some exercises for free, but full access requires a paid membership.

Play these games frequently to boost your brain functions.

2. Braingle

Would you rather not pay for games? Visit a fun and free website such as Braingle. This website offers a ton of free brain teasers, riddles, puzzles, and other types of problems you solve.

Unfortunately, no neuroscientists are behind this website. But this website offers 20,000 different games. Each is ranked and reviewed by different players, so you know which ones are good.

3. SharpBrains

Similar to BrainHQ, SharpBrains is an independent research firm that uses health and wellness apps. In the brain science department, SharpBrains is their creation. This app offers 50 different brain teasers to play.

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Do you want more education? Each game includes an article documenting how the games enhance your brain. There are also general articles about the brain itself, so you gain a better understanding of how your brain works.

4. Writing in the Stars

Were crossword puzzles always a favorite? Now you can play a crossword puzzle that’s good for your brain. Writing in the Stars offers a different crossword puzzle.

You’re given nine words but have to find the six that connect. The puzzle itself also looks different — all of the words create a five-point star!

5. Sudoku

Who said computer and phone games are the only ones to boost your brain performance?

A classic game such as Sudoku is just as effective at improving cognitive function. With Sudoku, you play with numbers even if you don’t like math.

You can pick up a classic Sudoku book or play Sudoku online.

Time to Play These Brain Games

Developing Alzheimer’s is an awful fate for anyone. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to sharpen the mind. If you’re not the type of person who reads, a fun way to improve cognitive performance is by playing brain games.

Whether you like classic games such as crosswords or new games developed by neuroscientists, everyone will enjoy playing these games. Even classic games such as Sudoku are getting revamped.

These games are fun, challenging, and addictive. Who knows, maybe you’ll play these games for hours!

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