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10 Office Tools to Boost Productivity

Over the course of an average work life, you’ll spend around 5 years of your life sitting at your desk. Expect to spend more if you work in tech or work remotely for your job. Having a great set of office tools will help those desk years go by with less frustration.

Work-related stress has a serious impact on weight gain, blood pressure, and our relationships away from home. By choosing the right office tools, you can alleviate a lot of that stress and help make your office environment a better place for everyone. This can increase productivity and even make work a little more fun.

Whether you’re shopping for a solution for your team or just trying to make the day go by a little easier, check out these 10 office tools that will boost productivity.

1. Base Magnetized Wood Cable Holder

One of the more frustrating things to deal with on a daily basis are cables that fall behind or underneath your desk. Coiling and knotting them is problematic because of the wear it puts on cables. If you get up and down from your desk all day long, you could be plugging and unplugging or need to gather your charger every couple of hours.

One of the best solutions you can find are magnetized cable tidys that can keep your cables where you need them, held firmly and out of the way. This particular cable tidy has a slick finish and a modern look to fit any office decor. It comes in round, triangle, square or pentagon shapes.

2. Monitor Riser with Drawers

Even a modern office still has needs for paper, pens, paperclips, and the like. But if you like a tidy desk space, having a bunch of tools scattered around can be distracting and look unsightly.

Rather than widen your desk space, you can always build up. This Flat Panel Monitor Riser Stand will help improve your posture, clean up your clutter, and keep your other tools close at hand.

The calmness of your desk translates to the calmness of your workday. If you want to keep things cool even under tight deadlines, this riser might be your answer.

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3. DeskView Standing Desk

Are you looking for a standing desk and in love with the great office views that you can find in communal parts of your building? Do you ever wish you could move your desk over by that window? With the DeskView standing desk, your dreams can come true.

This standing desk has heavy duty suction cups and is large enough for a laptop and a notepad while being small and light enough for travel. If you travel for work, you could be working with views of the greatest cities in the world with one simple tool.

If you spend part of your day working from home, with the great views your home offers, think about adding the DeskView Standing Desk to your arsenal of office tools.

4. Surpahs Bamboo Monitor Raiser

Organic materials can bring some much-needed peace to a modern office environment. Glass and metal don’t have a whole lot of soul and can feel alienating. A little bit of bamboo or a desk plant can really change your attitude at work.

This bamboo monitor raiser will bring all of that and encourage better posture while working on your laptop or staring at your monitor. For desktop users, you can store your keyboard underneath the monitor, helping to tidy up your desk as well.

5. Solar USB charger

With all of the cables knocking around your desk and all of the waste that happens in modern offices, it’s natural to look for alternative power solutions. This clever little battery is charged by sitting in the sun and can be used to recharge any USB devices.

Recharge your phone, tablets, or other office tools with the help of this attractive solar USB charger.

6. USB Mail Notifier

If you have a single monitor and have trouble focusing, this USB mail notifier could become one of the most important office tools to improve your productivity. By linking it to your email clients, you can get a notification that you’ve received an email without having to click over.

This means you won’t be clicking back and forth between windows to see if that response from the sales team has come in yet.

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7. Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

While some office workers still prefer the feel of a mouse, an increasing number of people are adding trackpads to their list of important office tools. Trackpads are great for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel issues. They’re also great for creative workers, graphic designers, and video editors.

This low-profile trackpad from Logitech has the range you’ll need if you give presentations while also eliminating battery waste.

8. YOUMI Multi-Function Stereo Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

For workers lucky enough to have an office door or who work from home, having Bluetooth speaker can make your day breeze by. This speaker from YOUMI offers stereo sound, a range of over 30 feet, and gives you wireless charging.

This speaker also functions as a thermometer, clock, and alarm, meaning it’s a good for a dorm room as it is for an office space. Not all office tools need to be boring. Some can make work more fun.

9. Walnut Headphone Stand

If you’ve invested in a great pair of headphones, you don’t want them sitting around your desk and risking a coffee spill. With this gorgeous walnut headphone stand, you’ll be able to tidy up in style.

You’ll always know where your headphones are when you’re using a stand like this one. This is one of the best tools for companies that specialize in audio/visual production or require lots of calls over a headset.

10. Multi-Use Dusting Brush

Because of the stale air that can collect in offices and the number of fans that computers and servers contain, dust can get everywhere. For newer flat paneled technology, dust can actually cut into your productivity by keeping keys and screens from functioning.

A clever little dust brush like this one can solve a lot of your problems.

Office Tools Make Work Easier

Getting a few affordable tools can freshen up your approach to your everyday work life. Whether or not these tools revolutionize your output, they will bring a new perspective to work.

If you’re still looking for the perfect tools to improve your productivity, contact us for more solutions that fit your work life.