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7 Weed Hacks All Tokers Will Wish They Knew Sooner

Are you already familiar with the joys of smoking weed? Are you ready for to take your smoking game to a whole new level?

Well, keep reading because, with these ultimate weed hacks, you’re about to get the ultimate XP boost.

Cool Weed Hacks – Make Your High Even More Fun

You could be forgiven for thinking that getting stoned was in itself a hack for life, but these nuggets of fun really are things every stoner needs to know.

1) CDs Help Keep Your Bowl Full and Tight

Some good tunes and a fat doobie were a match made in heaven. In years gone by that could mean raiding your CD collection for the right sound. Now, it’s all about streaming. Don’t throw away those CDs yet though because they make a perfect tool for one of the tidiest stoner hacks.

Put the CD over your bowl and not only can you get a good compact filling, but you catch any spill without waste.

2) Smoking Hacks? I’ve Got Two Words for You … Suck It

The munchies are a double-edged sword. You’ve clearly had a good high, but all that food is not going to do your diet any good. Luckily one of the things every stoner needs to know is the power of a peppermint.

Sucking on a peppermint is a great way to satisfy those munchie cravings without raiding the fridge.

3) Boil Up You Stems For a Sweet Cup of Tea

What have you been doing with all your leftover stems?

If you’ve been throwing them away, then you’ve been missing out on one of the greatest high hacks of them all. This tip will keep you high while you decide which items on this site you’re going to try next.

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All you need to do is pop the stems in some boiling water along with some tea leaves and let it stew for a few minutes. The result it a sweet homemade tea that gives a nice high.

4) Replace Your Grinder for Just a Cent

No grinder, no problem. All you need to do is take a small jar, drop in a nice clean cent (or coin of any denomination) and then shake.

The magic will happen and you’re be smoking a sweet doobie in no time.

5) Brush Your Teeth to Fight the Munchies

Do you want to get high but don’t want to come down and realize your fridge is empty and your belly is full?

Well, one of the best smoking hacks to combat this is to brush your teeth once you are done smoking. Not only does it seem to somehow combat the munchies, but let’s be honest. Who likes eating anything just after they have brushed their teeth. Nothing tastes good with that minty freshness in your mouth.

6) A Little Bit of Honey Gives a Nice Slow Burn

Do you ever suffer from side burn? You roll a nice fat one only to have it burn away too fast to really enjoy the moment.

Then out of all the high hacks we know, this is the one for you. Try dabbing a little bit of honey along the seam of your joint. This will give you a nice slow burn that really means you can enjoy your high.

7) Add a Touch of Oil to Keep Your Bong Clean

If you’re not much of a smoker, but more of a bong lover, then we also have one of the best smoking hacks for you too. Are you fed up with the build-up of resin in your bong each time you smoke?

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Did you know that a few drops of coconut oil will stop it from building up at such a speed? It doesn’t replace cleaning your bong but will get more smoking time in between which is cool.

No End to Cool High Hacks if You Enjoy Being Creative

For the creative mind, there is no limit to the number of weed hacks you can create. Anything from sustaining your high, simplifying your high or plain and simple, making it more fun.

Whatever the hacks you are looking for, we have them in spades, so come and check out how many ways you can make life simpler.