benefits of smoking weed

Top 5 Benefits of Smoking Weed

Are you debating trying marijuana but aren’t sure if it’s actually all it’s cracked up to be? There are actually a number of documented benefits of smoking pot that you would be surprised by.

It’s not all sitting on the couch and eating chips. There are some very productive members of society who smoke weed every day, and some actually chalk their success up to the fact that they partake in the stuff.

Here are 5 common benefits of smoking weed.

5 Benefits of Smoking Weed

Some of the stuff on the list may be contrary to what you’ve heard, so try and keep an open mind when you’re reading. There are a number of mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits associated with smoking weed, so we won’t be able to cover all of them here.

That being said, here are some of the most common benefits.

1. Treatment of Chronic Pain

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has determined that marijuana definitely treats chronic pain, which is why pain is the most common reason for a subscription for medical marijuana.

There are also a lot of other physical benefits, like the effect that it has on patients of multiple sclerosis. Many different kinds of muscle spasms are affected by the use of marijuana, making it a very common treatment method in legalized states.

2. Helps to Control Epileptic Seizures

CBD, one of the two cannabinoids found in marijuana, has shown to benefit patients who experience epilepsy. These people say that they haven’t found any other substance that benefits their seizures.

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In fact, studies have been done on those with treatment-resistant epilepsy, showing that marijuana is possibly the one treatment that works. This research is new and non-definitive, but personal reports show that the effects are good.

3. Helps With Depression and Anxiety

Many people use marijuana to treat their depression and anxiety. Most of these people don’t have prescriptions, but anxiety is actually a common reason for someone to be prescribed medical marijuana.

This does require a controlled dose as too much marijuana can make anxiety worse. However, in many cases, it relaxes people and allows them to be comfortable without anxiety.

4. Benefits Veterans With PTSD

Many personal reports show that marijuana helps sufferers of PTSD, namely veterans, deal with their trauma. This is because marijuana helps to normally regulate our body’s fear and anxiety centers.

In fact, Nevada states that PTSD is its number one reason that people get access to medical marijuana. The source NV Blog has more information on this topic.

5. Improves Creativity

Marijuana has proved the creative test of time. People have been using the substance to create music and art since it became popular. Many of the world’s most celebrated pieces of music have had some influence from marijuana.

Much of the music of the sixties would not have been the same without marijuana. For example, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, John Denver, and Bob Dylan have used marijuana to influence their creative process.

Open Your Eyes to Other Alternative Lifestyles

There are many things, like marijuana, that allow us to live healthier and easier lives. These things are often unusual and require an open mind, similarly to examining the health benefits of smoking weed.

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