scrap metal recycling

Your Guide to Scrap Metal Recycling and the Environmental Benefits

How much do you know about scrap metal?

During the production and deterioration of many different common household products, scrap metal is produced. These bits of waste metal often accumulate in our yards and lives, sitting around and serving no purpose.

Although these scraps may seem useless, recycling them is beneficial for both our environment and our economy. And it’s easier than you think!

Want to know more about scrap metal recycling? Continue reading for a full metal scrappers guide to get you started.

Why Scrap Metal Recycling Is a Responsible Choice

Choosing to recycle scrap metal is beneficial for the environment. And doing your part to keep our planet healthy and safe is your civic duty!

Not to mention it’s also great for the economy. In fact, in 2010 the metal recycling industry generated more than sixty-four billion dollars.

It’s also a responsible decision for your own wallet. You can sell scrap metal to a metal scrap yard for cash. If you’re curious how much you can earn, look into scrap metal prices in the USA.

How Scrap Recycling Helps the Environment

So, how exactly does recycling scrap metal help to save our environment? Here are two key ways.

It Reduces

Recycling these waste metals greatly reduces the burden on our world’s landfills. The fewer materials we can put into landfills, the better.

It also reduces emissions of harmful greenhouses gases, as it cuts down on air pollution and other transportation costs.

Finally, it reduces the amount of energy we use, as less energy is required to manufacture goods using recycled products. For example, making aluminum from recycled materials uses ninety-five percent less energy than making aluminum from scratch.

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It Conserves

Re-using metals helps us to conserve our earth’s precious materials. Scrap metal recycling can produce many different products from one origin.

As you can see, recycling is a life hack we should all be implementing!

Where to Scrap Metal

Wondering where to bring your scrap metal? Well, you may already be recycling scrap metal and not even realize it.

Your city’s can-recycling program is one example. And although this only applies to aluminum and steel in the form of metal cans, it’s a great start.

For bigger pieces, do your research to find metal scrap yards near you. These recyclers will usually pay by the pound.

If you’re wondering where to find scrap metal to make some extra cash, just look around town! You can find everything from cans to car parts scattered on the side of any major roadway. Do your part to clean it up–and reap the benefits as a reward.

Final Thoughts

Scrap metal recycling is a great idea for each person individually and for humanity as a whole.

We all need a healthy, clean earth in order to thrive. Scrap metal recycling is just one small way that we each can contribute to that goal. This recycling effort reduces waste, emissions, and conserves energy.

And don’t forget it can earn you some extra cash as well!

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