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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Marijuana That Might Surprise You

Weed. Pot. Ganja. Mary Jane. Dope.

We all know these words refer to marijuana, but how much do you know about the plant itself?

There are plenty of interesting facts beyond the political debates and that’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 marijuana fun facts that may surprise you.

Marijuana is the Most Commonly Used Illegal Drug

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but it is interesting nonetheless. Marijuana is, in fact, the most commonly used criminalized drug substance in the United States.

Used mostly by younger persons, it has been reported that 11 million 18 to 25 year-olds have cannabis in some form in 2015. Due to the increased legalization of marijuana in several states since then, it is possible that number has increased.

There Are Multiple Ways to Take It

Most people take marijuana in one or both of two ways: ingesting or smoking. There are distinct variations of these that are worth taking note of, however.


  • Marijuana can be smoked by simply rolling the weed into a cigarette and lighting it
  • Utilizing a pipe (typically called a bowl)
  • Smoking a bong (another name for a water pipe)
  • Some people hollow out cigars and refill them with marijuana (this is called a blunt)
  • Sticky resins are taken from the cannabis plant (these resins can often contain higher levels of THC than standard pot)


  • Cannabis can be mixed into a number of dishes and ingested such as
    • Brownies
    • Cookies
    • Candy
    • Etc.
  • The cannabis plant can also be brewed into a tea and drank or added to other beverages

It Can Relieve Headaches

A group of migraine researchers did a study on the effects of THC (the chemical found in the cannabis plant that creates the effect of being high) on headaches and migraines, you may be surprised to discover what they found.

According to this study, a 200mg dose of THC can reduce the pain of a migraine by 55%!

The data isn’t 100% conclusive, but it is certainly possible that smoking weed could help people who suffer from migraines and other forms of headaches.

You Can Take Edibles for Relaxation

Edibles made with cannabidiol (CBD) are generally viewed as healthier than smoked marijuana and with very few of the effects.

You can take a number of these different types of edibles to just calm down your body. If you are feeling tense, stressed, or anxious, these might be a great option to help you start relaxing more.

It’s Getting Stronger

One of the most interesting facts about marijuana is that it is actually getting stronger.

The THC levels in cannabis plants have actually risen about 8% in the last 20 years, making the plant’s effects much more potent. This does increase the risks of smoking pot, however, and also the price.

Cannabis Is a Non-Addictive Drug

Smoking marijuana is no more addictive than candy. Yes, people do tend to do it more often after having done it once, but the chemical dependency of addiction is entirely absent.

The dangers of being hooked on pot like one can get hooked on cigarettes or harder drugs are just not there. Those who do it may want to do it a lot, but that is more because the experience is so enjoyable for them. In terms of addiction, it’s no different than eating chocolate, riding a bike, or having sex.

THC Might Be Able to Boost Orgasms

Speaking of sex, there is evidence to suggest that THC might actually be able to increase the effects of your orgasms.

Some companies have even tried to create THC-infused lubes to increase sensation.

The data on the effects smoking marijuana has on sex is inconclusive, and some studies have even reported negative effects. Plenty have reported the opposite as well.

If it’s a risk you’re willing to take to spice up your bedroom, it may be worth a shot!

It’s Less Harmful Than Alcohol

A study from the University of Colorado found that “long-term alcohol use is much more damaging to the brain than marijuana.”

Alcohol abuse has been proven to have drastically damaging effects on the brain, reducing the size of grey matter and the integrity of white matter. THC has no such effect, or the effects are very minimal.

Opponents of marijuana legalization have often appealed to its harmful effects, but the data just is not there to back up those claims.

Medical Marijuana Could Help A Lot More People Than You Think

Many people know or have heard that medical marijuana can actually help in a person’s fight against cancer. But did you know that it can help treat a number of other conditions?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta suggests that weed could be used to treat mental disorders such as PTSD, epilepsy, perhaps even Alzheimer’s Disease.

There are so many possibilities for the future of medicine through the use of cannabis. However, the funding is often not available as medical marijuana is not nationally legalized.

No One Really Knows Where “420” Came From

“420! Blaze it!”

We’ve probably all heard this phrase somewhere or another. If not from someone in person, then probably in a film or television program. It’s everywhere.

But no one really knows where it came from.

There are a number of stories, such as a group of high school students in the 70s, a misidentified law code in California, and many others. The truth is, no one seems to know how these three numbers became associated with smoking pot.

Want to Learn More Interesting Facts About Marijuana?

We hope this list of 10 marijuana fun facts was helpful for you and that you learned something about weed you may not have known before!

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