Recycling Electronics

For a Greener Future: Top Tips for Recycling Electronics

In the 21st century, electronics that should be able to last decades, are often discarded in just a few years. The release of new models every year leads to outdated and worthless models early on.

And while there’s nothing wrong with buying a new device if it serves you better, be it a phone, computer, or television, the problem is how we handle the old one.

With low resale value, many people will just trash them. But electronics in the landfill can leach hazardous chemicals into the environment, such as mercury, lead, and zinc

Recycling electronics should be the norm. And it’s quite easy to do, and usually free. The problem is that most Americans don’t know how or where to recycle electronics.

Keep reading below to learn more about electronics recycling so that you can be part of the solution, not the problem. 

Know What Can Be Recycled

Most modern electronics can be recycled with relative ease. Modern designs make it simple for individuals to disassemble and harvest materials. Machines can also demolish them and quickly sort the different metals, plastics, and glass found in devices.

Generally, the only time you’ll have a problem recycling an item is if it’s very old. Old television and computer monitors are hard for recyclers to handle due to the chemical content inside. 

Everything else, such as smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, keyboards, and other devices is widely accepted. 

Find Free Electronics Recycling Near Me

The good news is that many of the top electronics manufacturers will accept old items free of charge. They may even provide credit towards your next purchase.

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For example, if you have any old Apple devices, you can send them in and receive a certain amount of credit towards to purchase of new Apple products. 

Dell, HP, Samsung, and many other brands have similar programs. Plus, they will let you mail them in for free. They’ll give you a shipping label so all you have to do is box them up and drop them off at the post office. 

However, this usually only applies to products manufactured by that particular brand. If you have a bunch of other old electronics, it’s best to find a local recycling company that offers free drops offs.

Most medium to large cities has multiple recycling companies that accept free drops offs. Some will even come to your business to pick up old electronics in bulk. 

Electronic Recyclers for Businesses

When a business needs to upgrade computers or IT equipment, they’re going to have a lot of equipment that needs to be recycled.

But since much of the electronics that we recycle are actually resold and reused, businesses are nervous that their data is at risk.

Choose an electronics company that follows best practices when it comes to hard drive shredding. Also, make sure they use software like that erases all data that can be held in a device.

Recycling Electronics Isn’t That Hard

Recycling electronics isn’t as easy as tossing something in the dumpster. But it’s vital that businesses and consumers alike learn how to recycle electronics, especially since it’s usually free.

It reduces the number of raw materials that need to be extracted and refined, and it keeps harmful substances out of the environment. Take the pledge and recycle everything going forward.

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