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9 Unique Vape Tips for All Vapers

If you’re not into the vaping craze, there are plenty of reasons to jump on board. Some people confess the taste and feel is better than traditional cigarettes, and some say it’s healthier.

It’s a recent trend, but it already has a lot of options for users to choose from. If you’re already into vaping, then you probably could use some fool-proof and unique vape tips to improve your experience.

Here are a few insider tips that can be followed by everyone from the vaping novice to the seasoned vet.

9 Vape Tips for the Regular Vaper

If you’ve any interest in powerful life hacks and you also happen to vape, this list will provide you with a solid ground for vaping like the professionals:

1. Clean Your Vape Regularly

We’ll go ahead and knock this one out first because it can’t be reiterated enough. The performance of a vape, the lifespan of the device, and the flavor of hits all depend on regular cleaning.

Be mindful of wiping down and sanitizing the device, as it’s likely to travel with you all over the place. Invest in harmless cleaning solution or stick with something light that won’t build up in the device or erode the parts.

You should also be careful not to get any liquids into the battery port or another mechanical part. Like a computer in water, they don’t like liquids very much.

2. Take Apart Your Vape to Clean It

While it is essential to wipe down the mouthpiece and external parts, vapes tend to get dirty all around. Residue seeps between cracks and fills spaces that don’t usually see a lot of cleaning.

Take the atomizer (or vape tank) out and look for any grooves or holes that need to be cleaned.

Just make sure to look up how to assemble and disassemble your product correctly before you start. This will save you from ruining or damaging your product while trying to do a little good.

3. Switch Up Flavors Often

A minor negative aspect of vaping is the proclaimed “Vaper’s Tongue” that seems to diminish flavors for many people. The tongue may feel like there’s a film across it and the flavors you’ve enjoyed before aren’t as strong or tasty.

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This most commonly happens to people who vape frequently for prolonged periods of time. The most effective solution is to take a break from vaping for a little while.

On the other hand, you might be able to avoid Vaper’s Tongue by switching up your flavors. Find a few that you like and enjoy them each periodically to savor the flavor.

4. Find a Brand You Love

Just as tech gurus or car buyers stay loyal to a brand, you should seek out a vaping brand you can trust. The reasons these consumers go back again and again to the same products is because they rely on the quality they give.

Do a little research and invest in a company or brand that continues to impress you. Find a product you love and expect that future products will be just as good or better. A resource like Blazed Vapes is great for discovering new brands to follow.

5. Understand PG/VG Ratios

PG and VG are two liquids found in your vaping concoction. PG, or Propylene Glycol, and VG, or Vegetable Glycerin, combine with nicotine and flavors to produce the vaping experience.

These two turn liquid into vapor and have different impacts on the mouth and throat. If you like the big throat hit of a vape, then you’ll want liquids with a high PG ratio.

If you prefer a subtle, mild hit on your throat with a fuller vapor in your mouth, you’ll want those with higher ratios of VG.

6. Mind Your Batteries

Pay careful attention to the batteries in your vape, as each manufacturer has its own version. Some of them are built into the device itself and require a plug. Some detachable and can be charged on a port.

Don’t let your device run all the way down before you consider charging it back up.

Also, don’t leave your battery on its charger for prolonged periods of time. Just enough to get the device to work at max capacity will do the trick. Leaving the charge on for too long can affect the lifespan of the battery.

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7. Avoid Plastic Tanks

If you’re still in the early stages of picking out a device (or are shopping for something new), try to avoid plastic tanks. Plastic reservoirs and atomizers are more prone to damage with time.

They may become more easily overheated or are more likely to chip or break if dropped. Look for higher quality materials, most notably durable glass, in a product before purchasing.

If you do have a plastic tank, you’ll want to avoid certain flavors as they tend to warp the container faster. Take your researching skills to Google for more information.

8. Consider an Extra Tank

If you’ve gone through the trial and error to discover a few favorite flavors of liquid, it might be time to invest in a separate tank.

A second tank will help you easily and quickly switch between flavors (helping you to avoid Vaper’s Tongue). This will also help you to enjoy multiple flavors without compromising any of them like you would using a single tank.

In the age of luxury vaping, a second vape will only help to improve the overall quality and experience. Just don’t feel that this is a must-have to enjoy great flavor–you can still get a great vape by maintaining one good tank.

9. Steep Your E-Liquid for Better Flavor

Have you ever purchased an entire container of your favorite e-liquid only to find that its flavor is lackluster? It may be because the ingredients haven’t settled together just yet when purchased in such a large quantity.

Just as a fine wine needs a little time to enrich its flavor, you can steep your e-liquid in a dark room for a week or two. This may sound inconvenient, but trust us: it can do wonders for flavor!

More Life Hacks

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