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Clothing Iron vs Clothes Steamer: Which Is Better?

Wearing wrinkled clothing can look unprofessional and unattractive no matter where you are. For some situations, such as lounging around home, wrinkled clothing is fine. However, it’s not ok to wear a wrinkled suit or dress at work or on the street.

Thankfully, there are two easy ways to quickly get those wrinkles out. You can either use a clothes steamer or an iron.

To learn which is the best fit for you, read on.

Ironing Clothing

Ironing requires the use of a heated tool (an iron) pressed onto clothing.

The heated surface of the iron presses the clothing flat as it lies on a hard surface. Clothing or other types of fabric are more securely draped across ironing boards.

Not all of these irons are equipped with steaming technology, so assess your options beforehand. Irons are perfect for getting the wrinkles out of clothing with smooth surfaces and items with a crease.

The main difference between an iron and clothes steamer is the contact made. Ironing presses the clothing, while steamers basically blow steam at the clothing.

Clothes Steamer

You may have been told one time or another to hang clothes in a bathroom while running a hot shower to de-wrinkle them. Using a clothes steamer is basically a handheld version of this trick.

A garment steamer uses hot steam to relax the fibers in clothing. Steamers are not supposed to be pressed on the clothing but rather suspended over it.

Steamers can be used on clothing that is difficult to iron, like suit jackets. The additional benefit of a steamer is the fact that it can also be used on fabrics like drapes or even rugs.

Steaming should not become a morning routine unless you’ve got time to spare. After the clothes are steamed, they will be wet and need to dry well.


While both clothes steamers and irons are used for the same purpose, there are some key differences between the two.

For example, ironing may require more space than a clothes steamer. Plus, clutter can be an issue when you’re using an ironing board.

Clothing steamers are often compact and easy to stow away. They are also used to kill odor-causing bacteria. This is perfect for items that aren’t washed often, such as curtains.

Which Should You Choose?

As stated previously, steamers and irons have the same goal. However, an iron takes up a bit more space in your home.

If you afford, look for irons that produce steam. These are slightly more expensive, but it’s worth the price.

Steamers are perfect for removing wrinkles quickly and for most fabric types, including rugs and carpets. Plus, they’re lightweight and also easy to store. The downside is that you won’t be able to get that pressed finish using a steamer.

As with both products, do not attempt to steam or iron the clothes while you are wearing them.

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