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7 Great Online Dating Profile Tips to Attract the One

Dating doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Some people seem like they’re always in a relationship – even if they are bouncing around a bit – while others struggle just to get one date.

That may be one of the reasons why more and more people are turning to online dating to find the one. Once you’ve already gone out (or struck out) with a certain amount of people in your circle, there are only so many new people you can meet naturally after that.

Online dating helps you make new connections with ease. It doesn’t do all the work for you, though. You still have to get someone’s attention and have enough confidence and charm to get the first date scheduled.

To help you do so, check out these online dating profile tips.

1. Choose the Right Online Dating System

First things first, you have to understand not every online dating system is made equally. Some are going to be much more forward than others. There are certain systems people use to meet “the one” and others more for meeting “another one.”

It’s better to catch onto this difference now instead of learning the hard way later.

Also, some sites are for certain kind of sexualities only. The last thing you want to do is end up on a predominantly heterosexual online dating site if you’re homosexual, and vice versa. Know what you’re getting yourself into in terms of promiscuity and personal preference before you start using online dating.

2. Use a Good Photo of Yourself

Once you find the right sites for your romantic needs, it’s time to make your dating profile. Of everything else on this list, this may be the most important dating profile tip: use a good picture of yourself!

This may sound a bit shallow, but it really does matter. First impressions are even more of a big deal online than they are in real life. This is because if you don’t make a good one, it’s easier for a person to digitally reject you and keep looking for someone else than it is for them to do in person.

Go through some recent photos of you and pick out a few good ones. Make sure your best features are displayed. This may be your eyes, your smile, or your hair. If your favorite feature is somewhere other than your face, save that for the pictures that aren’t your profile image.

Can’t find any good photos at all? Take a few new pictures before completing your online dating profile.

Whichever ones you use, though, make sure they’re natural. Don’t force yourself to look a certain way or try too hard in your pictures. This is off-putting and is sure to make you end up among a bunch of bad dating profiles.

3. Be Honest in Your Description

Just as you have to be natural in your profile picture, you have to be honest in your description. That’s right, you can’t claim to be a doctor, or part of a rich family, or some other lie you think is attractive if it’s not true.

At one point or another, people will figure out what the real truth is and then you’ll be back to square one. Not to mention, the more honest you are from the start, the more likely you are to meet the one.

Be careful of being too honest, though. Keep your description to things like how old you are and where you went/go to school. It’s a little too soon to start talking about family details and personal topics before you and someone else even make a connection.

4. Make Use of Small Talk

When is it okay to start disclosing certain details? After you get an acceptance to be friends with or otherwise connect with someone on an online dating platform.

From there, one of you has to make the first move. Start off small, just like you would in real life. Introduce yourself and ask the other person a simple question.

Try to avoid cliches like “do you come here often” or “have I seen you here before.” They’re not very funny online and they’ve already been tried over and over by other people in person.

5. Learn a Few Jokes

While the examples above aren’t very good lines, it doesn’t hurt to know a good joke or two. People like it when someone makes them laugh. It won’t make someone fall in love with you right away, but it can help get the sparks going.

Don’t make any jokes that are too deep right off the bat. You may end up sticking your foot in your mouth before you even get a chance to chat a bit. If you’re really nervous, ask a buddy of yours to show you the ropes and help you out.

6. Know When to Take a Hint

Some jokes just aren’t funny, and some people just aren’t interested. When someone backs off while you’re interacting on an online dating site, it’s best if you do the same.

It’s not good to chase people and you’re wasting your time if you try to do that online. You may even make a reputation for yourself that will make it harder to connect with other people on the site.

7. Don’t Be a Creep

Last but not least, don’t be a creep. Don’t be the guy who sends incredibly direct messages or over-revealing pictures right off the bat. If you’re a girl, you should keep it classy, too.

While there are some people who use online dating for promiscuity, that’s not the approach to take if you’re trying to find the one. If anything, it will lead you further away from the person you may actually connect with. Or, you could match with this person only to put them off by behaving in some sort of raunchy manner.

See What These Online Dating Profile Tips Can Do

There’s no harm in trying online dating if the real world hasn’t brought you your prince charming (or princess) yet. Who knows, the online dating profile tips above may be the insights you need to finally get it right.

Whether you meet your new partner online or in-person, though, remember that relationships take work. They’re not always magic and rainbows and lovey-dovey feelings.

But, bumps in the road can be worked out. While you’re preparing for the next chapter in your dating life, check out these tips on fighting fair once an argument does happen.