All About That Base: 7 Things You Never Knew About Electric Baseboard Heaters

There’s only so many options when it comes to keeping a house warm during winter.

Central heating seems nice, but not every home has it (it can run up quite the bill, too!). A fireplace is romantic, but not the best way to maintain heat when you’re out of the house.

That’s where baseboard heaters come in. Efficient, low-cost, and getting the job done just as well as any other heater makes them stand out from the competition. But what else is there about using a baseboard heater that you never considered?

Check out these 7 interesting facts and see why it’s great to have a space heater.

1. You Don’t Need Large Baseboard Heaters

Unlike a fireplace or space heater, there’s no need to have a large baseboard heater in order to properly heat your home. Instead, go by the measurement of 7 watts per square foot. 

If you’re choosing a modern baseboard heater, sometimes known as a convector baseboard, you’ll enjoy the benefits of using less heat to get the same results as a traditional baseboard.

One bonus is that it’s easier to have heaters scattered throughout the room without appearing conspicuous or taking up a lot of space. 

2. No Window? No Problem

It used to be that electric baseboard heating was always located directly under a window. This was done in order to fight the draft that was inevitable in older homes. 

Because modern houses make it easier to conserve heat, there’s no longer a need to create a strict barrier between the window where warm air is leaking from, and the heater. 

If you have an older house that hasn’t been updated to be energy efficient, then you should still consider keeping the heater close to a window. In that case, consider other ways to keep it warm, such as new insulation.  But if you’re updated and living in modern times, now’s your chance to move the heater wherever you see fit.

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3. Clean Up is Easy

Cleaning up a heater before and after the winter season is never anyone’s idea of a good time. It’s necessary to avoid dust from building up and creating a disgusting burning smell the first time you turn a heater on.

Thankfully, an electric baseboard heater is easy when it comes to cleaning.

Ensure the heater is off, and remove the top part after it’s had ample time to cool. From there, you can remove debris by hand and use a vacuum attachment to get the rest out.

With clean up this simple, you won’t mind keeping your heaters up to par with the rest of the house. 

4. Baseboard Heaters Can Withstand a Paint Job

Many people worry when it comes to painting their walls. What if paint drips on the heater? Will it make the heater stand out?

Is it even possible to find a heater in electric blue when that’s the color of your child’s wall?!

Electric baseboard heaters can take a paint job, and best of all, there’s no need to get out a specific paint. Any of the standard paints you find at the hardware store that you have your heart set on will do.

So go ahead and just paint the wall — or the heater too — and don’t worry about any mishaps occurring. While there might be an initial smell, it wears off in no time, allowing you to get on with life as normal. 

5. Using Electric Heating is the Way of the Future

Electric heating is the wave of the future. It’s efficient, easy to maintain, works with any house or apartment, and doesn’t get in the way, even when you’re working with limited space. 

Because of the advances in renewable energy, it’ becoming possible for folks to use clean forms of electricity to heat their homes. Using renewable energy is cheaper too, so you’ll save money in the long run by choosing this method over others.

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Not sure how to find the right heater to meet your needs? Shop now, and take a look at the wide selections to choose from. 

6. They Make for a Safe Heating Option

While large space heaters and fireplaces make a room cozy and relaxing to be in, they come with some element of danger. A fire could break out in the case of a fireplace. Children, animals, and even adults who aren’t aware could easily burn themselves on a large space heater.

In contrast, a heater that sits by the baseboards is small, out of the way, and doesn’t present an immediate danger to anyone. 

No matter what kind of home you have or what your needs are, you can feel confident one of these heaters will provide everything you’re looking for without causing any issues related to safety in the home. 

7. There’s No Need to Crank it Up Higher

Unlike typical heaters, baseboard heaters don’t need to get cranked up in order to reap the benefits. Doing so just raises the bill.

The heater takes the same amount of time to start working. If you turn it up to a higher-than-usual temperature, it won’t get the room to the tropical climate you’re looking for any faster.

Just set it at a normal temperature, and wait for it to rise. Enjoy the money-saving benefits and the same amount of heat getting pumped out.

Discover More

Now that you’ve learned more about baseboard heaters and their benefits, it’s time to consider having one installed. You can save money while taking up less space, and avoid the cost and problems that come with traditional heaters. 

Curious on how you can keep your bill down? Check out these tips and tricks for reducing energy costs within your home.