Pre-Fabulous: 7 Stunning Prefab Homes Almost Anyone Can Afford

Part of the American Dream includes homeownership with the white picket fence, maybe a few dogs or children. Unfortunately, obtaining the first part of this dream can be difficult due to the sheer expense.

This is where many would-be homeowners become creative–repurposing old school buses and opting for tiny homes. While these choices are great, they don’t necessarily offer the space needed for a growing family. 

Another great option to consider is prefab homes. Yes, these homes are pre-fabricated, but they are fully customizable and have almost infinite floor plans to choose from. We’re going to take a look at 8 of the most stunning (and affordable) floor plans for these homes. 

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The Nano Home

This home is designed by Unity Homes. It is a smaller home but features the best in design and performance while leaving less of an energy footprint. The Nano comes in two sizes, 20 x 20 and 20 x 24, with a couple choices for your roof. 

The shell design starts at $50,000 which is affordable on almost any budget. Unity Homes also offers an upgraded package that includes the materials needed to finish the home. 


Most people don’t think of shipping containers as their next home but the H03 definitely challenges that ideal! 

These homes are built by combining three shipping containers to create a functional, beautiful home that is both energy-efficient and economically friendly. 

H03 features a huge 21-foot window that allows for plenty of natural light to enlarge the space and to better allow connections with nature. Also, this home is solar-ready!

Flex House

From the outside, this home is simply beautiful but the fact is, it offers 750 square feet for around $125,000. This may sound small, but it packs a huge punch with the most energy-efficient appliances and your choice of finishes and cabinetry. 

So, what else can Flex House do? Well, it’s net-zero ready and has the ability to recycle grey water on its own. Additionally, this home is built out of sustainably-grown materials so you never have to worry about your ecological footprint! 

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The Ranch-Style C6.3

At just over 950 square feet, this home is a bit more spacious than some of the others mentioned. It features two bedrooms and one bath, plenty of natural light and choices for your floors, cabinets, counters, and ceilings.

Top of the line appliances are included–meaning a smart thermostat, tankless water heater, and choices for which kitchen package is right for you. C6.3 also is capable of recycling grey water and fully adapting to solar power. 

The Cozumel, a Tiny Home

This home option has a lot going on but is perfect for an individual or possibly a couple who won’t mind shared spaces. 

The price tag on this particular home is around $64,900. It features 399 square feet of indoor living space and a covered porch. If the 399 number sounds scarily small, don’t worry–there are high ceilings, lots of natural light, and a much larger kitchen than you’d expect! 

Also, this home is meant to move! You can pull it like you would an RV for quick weekend getaways or even longer, cross-country trips! 

Domespace Rotating Prefab Homes

This home features something that many people have wanted for years: the ability to turn the sun off. 

While the house doesn’t actually turn the sun off or on, it can turn away from it in the summer and toward the warmth in the winter. This fact alone can save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling and help your household become more eco-friendly. 

Additionally, Domespace is built to withstand hurricane-strength winds (category 4) and is designed to handle earthquakes! 

Finally, you will find that this house is comfortable, open, and because it is built with no harmful chemicals, you can rest assured that your family is safe.

Allwood Eagle Point

You might find the Allwood Eagle Point to be the most cost-friendly out of this bunch, but it is because it is just the shell of the house. If you are looking for a more complete package, this might not be for you. 

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However, if you are wanting certain high-end or sustainable features, but not to have to pay for others, Allwood Eagle Point might just be perfect! It is a two story home that has over 1100 square feet of indoor space, and the price point is less than $47,000. 

Not Seeing a Home You Love?

Finally, we come to Proto Homes. These homes are not what most people would consider tiny homes, but have a lesser price tag than traditional homes of the same size. 

Should you not see a prefab floorplan that you like, this company can, will, and does completely custom designs! Also, if you are in a bit of a hurry, these homes can be completed in as little as 48 days! 

Similarly to most of the homes on this list, all Proto Homes are solar-ready and can recycle grey water. Each design also has built-in smart home technology and is security enabled. 

What you have with this company is the freedom to design your perfect home–from the interior and exterior to the most inner workings!

Prefab Homes: The Way of the Future

In case you missed it, prefab homes are considerably less expensive than their traditional counterparts. Additionally, they are far more eco-friendly and are designed to withstand the elements and natural disasters which means they save you money over the years! 

Because these homes are budget-friendly and typically smaller, they are perfect for millennials who are just starting out or baby boomers that want to downsize.

Don’t assume these prefab homes can’t be right for a growing family though–there are easy and affordable additions to ensure everyone in your household has their fair share of space!

If you have an idea of what prefab home you’d like but have no idea how to decorate it, take a minute to check out these modern living room designs