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8 Modern Living Room Design Ideas You’ll Love

It’s a well-regarded fact that the living room is the heart of your entire home.

Where do you flop after a long or bad day? Where do you cuddle up to a loved one and where do you entertain your guests? The living room!

However, if you find that your interior design is letting you down, you may be spending less time in the living room. This is a huge shame!

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your living room, it’s worth investing in trendy home decorating tips.

Decide, what’s your style? If you like a modern look, there are many simple tips which can help refresh your space and design the modern living room you deserve.

First, figure out what modern means to you. Typically, a modern style refers to neutral colors, strong yet clean lines, and a minimalist vibe.

But, it doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s take a look at some modern decor ideas!

1. Neutral Colors Open Up a Room

A modern look is often fresh, clean and bright. In order to achieve this aesthetic, you should consider a paint job.

Colors which are modern include white, greys and creams. In fact, if you have a small living room, light colors can make it feel bigger.

However, if you’re feeling bold, you may want to paint one wall a different color from the others.

A darker color or funky wallpaper can still be modern and may be a focal point for the room. Make sure to hire a professional for a high-quality finish.

2. Invest in a New Comfortable Sofa

If your sofa is uncomfortable, it’s likely that you’re favoring another place in your home to sit and watch TV.

But, to bring back your living room, it’s worth investing in furniture which you love. A sofa is an expensive investment, but it’ll be worth it.

Modern ideas include lighter items of furniture in pastel colors. However, if you’re clumsy, you may choose a leather sofa which is easy to wipe down!

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3. Brighten up a Room with a Large Mirror

This is the oldest trick in the book. If you have a small living room, then you may want to consider opening up the room and bringing in some light with a mirror.

A mirror can trick the eye into thinking a room is much larger than it is. You’ll be surprised at how well a strategically placed one can work.

4. Light Up a Room with Funky Fixtures

A modern living room design is all about clean, straight lines. But, this gives you some room to play with the light fixtures.

Create a mood in your living room with a funky lampshade. Consider a metal pendant, a cage lampshade or a large circular shade in a neutral color.

This is only one small aspect of your living room but it can help tie everything together.

Choose the material and a color scheme from the rest of the room to make sure your lampshade works with your modern theme.

5. Add a POP of Bright Color to Mix it Up

Modern styles aren’t often known for having bright colors. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t include some.

You may find that a small room can be distracted from if the eye is drawn to a bright yellow chair or a focal wall with bright paintings.

In order to make sure the color ties in with the modern look, don’t go overboard. Your living room can still be modern with a pop of color.

Too many bright colors, however, and you move the style into eclectic. (Deciding which style you like best before you even begin can help avoid such issues!)

6. Include a Statement Piece and Show Off Your Personality

Your statement piece could be a large, modern painting, a floor lamp or a table. Choose something which shows off your tastes and ties in the modern theme.

You may even want to have a neutral toned room with clean lines and mirrors and contrast it with a statement plant.

Don’t want to include a plant? Maybe you could instead choose a modern fireplace with a fire. This will mean spending a little more money but works well with the theme.

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There are many different options for your statement piece. However, in order to ensure the room remains modern, only choose one piece. Find out more about modern furniture, here.

7. Sort Out Your Flooring

Something which can make or break the look of a room is the flooring. A modern living room requires a simple floor.

This means avoiding any bright carpet colors and stick to neutral tones. A great option for the modern living room is wood.

Strip back your ugly carpets and choose a wood or tile which is modern and easy to maintain.

If you’re not entirely convinced that a wooden floor can be cozy, why not add a rug? Again, choose something in white, grey or another neutral tone.

8. Keep the Living Room Clean and Don’t Over Clutter

The final point which is necessary for keeping a room classy and modern is to keep it tidy. Once you’ve decorated your entire living room, the last thing you want is for it to be unkept.

The modern look is sophisticated and you can achieve it by incorporating just a few of these tips so long as it is a tidy space.

As previously mentioned, adding too many pieces or items to your modern room will move it from modern and into eclectic!

Modern Living Room Design is Easy When You Know How

When you’re just starting your journey to creating a modern living room design, you may feel a little overwhelmed.

However, this look is one which is easy to incorporate with a few tips and tricks. Invest in high quality so the look doesn’t become shabby over time.

Your new mirror, sofa and statement piece can really liven up a room and make you want to live in it once more!

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