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10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter and Skip the DIY

Building and redecorating your home as a home-builder can be satisfying. It’s also unbelievably frustrating.

There are some parts of renovating best left to a professional. Painting is top of the list.

Don’t believe us? Check out 10 reasons who you should opt to hire a professional painter to paint your home.

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional

When it comes to painting there are a million reasons why you should get a professional.

You can still upgrade your home and DIY the renovation in other areas. Think landscaping, decoration, wallpapering. Even DIY furniture.

You still don’t believe us that DIY painting is a terrible idea? Here is our list of 10 reasons you should leave the painting to a professional.

1. They Have the Equipment

This means a better job, with high-quality tools, and money you won’t have to spend on gear you’ll never use again.

2. The Clean-Up is Professionally

Professionals are likely to make little or no mess. But you can be sure any mess they do make will be cleaned up just as professionally as their paint-job.

3. They Are Quick

They want to get this job done quickly so they can get onto the next one. You want it done quick so you can enjoy the new place sooner.

Sounds like a match made in heaven to us!

4. They Understand Paint

Professional painters know how a paint will weather.

And how to use it safely. There are paints with which you should never paint a room without ventilation.

There are paints that can take the full summer sun outdoors and paints that won’t last a week. They know the difference because they have been doing this for years – maybe decades.

5. They Can Get Paint Cheaper

Professionals not only select the right paint, they often buy in bulk or with professional memberships.

That’ll save you money on several counts.

6. You Support the Community When You Use a Local Painter

Who doesn’t like to support the local community? If you have a small business, you never know when they might return the favor. So buy local and hire a local painter!

7. Avoid Expensive Mistakes

We learn best when we make mistakes. Learning to paint well DIY is going to involve mistakes – likely costly ones.

Why risk it? Hand it to a pro and get on with something else

8. Learn, and Do It Next Round (If You Must)

If you are positive you want to do DIY painting, then sit this round out. Hire a pro and learn from them.

Then next time you can have a go yourself.

9. They Know Quantities

A painter can take a quick look at a space and know how much of a given paint they’ll need.

This saves wastage. Not to mention money.

10. They Know Their Stuff

This is their profession. They understand what you’ll need in undercoats to change from one color to another.

They know what to paint each surface with. With zero guess-work.

In short, a professional painter saves a future you from hassles. And unnecessary expense. So save yourself the heartache and headaches and get some professional quotes!

Now: Hire a Professional Painter

There are our 10 reasons why you should hire a professional painter. We reckon the answer is obvious – go professional.

Find some online reviews. Ask around to friends or neighbors who have had good results recently.

Get a couple of quotes to compare quality and price – remember cheapest is not always best!

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