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10 Simple Ways to Avoid Having a Broken Smartphone

Smartphones can do a lot of cool stuff these days.

Most people wouldn’t dream of leaving home without them.

Carrying it everywhere means that breaking your phone has become one of the most common complaints of consumers everywhere.

Read the rest of this article to get ten tips you can use to avoid having a broken smartphone.

1. Get a Quality (and Cute) Case

The most important thing you can do to protect your phone is to put it in a case. Pretty much every situation that will break a phone becomes less likely if it’s in a good case.

That doesn’t mean you need to swathe it in an inch of rubber and plastic. A well designed protective case will be slim and tapered. It protects the corners of your phones, the area most likely to receive an impact, and raises the edges to prevent your phone from landing on its screen.

If you haven’t already purchased a good case, shop now for a stylish and sturdy one.

2. Clean it Once in a While

Phones, like every other electronic device, need a bit of TLC every now and then. By giving your phone a good cleaning once or twice a month you help protect it from internal failure.

One of the most annoying problems to have is a phone that won’t charge. Make sure you check all open ports for dust and other debris. Wiping them out only takes seconds.

3. Don’t Sit on it Unless You Want a Broken Smartphone

Phone’s, much like people, don’t like it when you sit on them. It’s usually not a good idea to put a thousand dollar wafer of glass and computer chips under a hundred plus pounds.

Doing it once or twice probably won’t be a problem. Doing it all the time is a great way to end up with a broken phone.

4. Watch Where You Set it Down

Hey, we get it, phone screens these days are getting huge. Keeping it in your pocket while sitting down is basically impossible, just make sure to be mindful of where you set it down.

Placing your phone near the edge of the table is a great way to knock it to the ground. If you’re eating it’s even worse.

Ever had to clean hot sauce out of a phone speaker? It’s not fun.

The best way to protect it is to keep it in a bag. If that’s not possible, set it face down well away from the edge of the table and out of the line of fire for drips and drops.

5. Only Use High-Quality Chargers and Cords

Smartphones are precision-engineered supercomputers that cost hundreds of dollars and fit in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t make sense to burn them out to save $15 on a charger.

Most phones need very specific amounts of power at very specific voltages. With the ubiquity of USB charging plugs, it’s really tempting to just plug your phone into anything.

Don’t do it.

Not only is it really bad for your phone’s battery, it can actually be dangerous.

6. Avoid High Impact Activities With Your Phone

Hey, we get it, pics or it didn’t happen. The next time you go mountain biking or climbing you want to take some awesome selfies. Your phone probably isn’t the best tool to use for that.

All it takes is one slip or wipeout and you’re staring down at the shattered remnants of your smartphone.

Adventure cameras are cheap as dirt. Invest in one, your smartphone will thank you.

7. Always Use a Screen Protector

The glass on your smartphone’s screen is an engineering marvel. It’s a crystal clear micro-sandwich of touchscreen and HD display. It’s also the most vulnerable part of your phone.

Buying a high-quality glass screen cover will cost you a fraction of what it does to replace your screen. It takes all the nicks, scratches, and cracks your pricy phone screen would otherwise receive.

The best part is it can be replaced in seconds with nothing but your fingernail and a cleansing wipe.

8. Keep it Dry

Water damage is one of the most common and costly things that will break a phone. All it takes is one second of carelessness and your phone is soaking wet and useless.

Protecting against water damage comes down to two things; Phone cases and vigilance.

A lot of higher end phone cases protect against brief submergence. The downside is they’re usually bulkier, heavier, and more likely to hide the style of your phone.

If you can’t bear to cover your phone in that kind of case you’ll have to be extra careful. Don’t use your phone in the bathroom, poolside or in the rain. Always store it away from potential sources of water.

9. Stop Walking and Texting

This is great advice for both you and your phones sake. Distracted walking is a really good way to accidentally walk into traffic, trip, or bump into things.

Every time you text and walk you make it more likely that you won’t notice something. Its easy for your phone to slip out of your hands and hit the ground at even a little stumble.

Think about where you’re usually walking. Parking lots, sidewalks and other public spaces are usually concrete or asphalt. Dropping it there is a great way to crack your phone.

10. Keep it Cool When Possible

Heat is the bane of batteries and circuitry. Running your smartphone when hot will degrade its performance and shorten the life of your battery.

If your phone starts to overheat you should turn it off and set it somewhere to cool off. If you can’t bear to turn it all the way off, at least stop using it until its temperature goes down.

Be Careful and Mindful

Keeping yourself from ending up with a broken smartphone boils down to two things. Be aware of the thousand dollar piece of electronics in your pocket and try to take care of it. Plan ahead a bit. Buy a good case and watch where and how you use your phone.

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