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10 Cannabis Oil Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

Since the dawn of time, ancient doctors and healers gave their patients cannabis because they saw the benefits of the plant first hand. But the drum of time brought along a change in medicine, and as we modernized the practice of healing people the use of medicinal cannabis was outlawed.

Doctors are beginning to prove the worth of this miracle plant. This is great news because it means that it’s decriminalized and that doctors are beginning to prescribe cannabis to their patients for a wide variety of issues. One of the ways that doctors are making use of the natural cannabis plant is cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil is nothing short of a miracle, but despite this, it’s still misunderstood. Keep reading to learn all about the various cannabis oil benefits and why you should incorporate this remedy into your everyday routine.

Relief From the Pain

According to the CDC, over 20% of Americans deal with chronic pain every day. Chronic pain can be anything from a nuisance to debilitating and can leave people unable to work to support themselves.

To make matters worse, we are in the middle of an opiate epidemic, which means that doctors are hesitant to prescribe pain medication to anyone without being certain they have to. This is great news for people who deal with addiction, but it often means that people with chronic pain are left to deal with their pain management on their own.

That’s where cannabis oil comes in.

Scientists studied the effects of cannabinoids, the main component of cannabis oil, on pain and found that it could be a new kind of painkiller. It works to relieve pain of all kinds on a large, long term scale without building a tolerance.

An Answer to Anxiety

In studies conducted on both humans and animals, cannabis oil helps to reduce stress and anxiety. This effect is especially prominent in people who have a social anxiety disorder.

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a well known but widely misunderstood disorder that anxiety is practically married to. And it can hurt anyone with lasting emotional trauma.

And while there’s no way to completely get over PTSD, cannabis oil can help fight against the symptoms that can leave people bedridden for days.

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Treatment for Seizures

There is a group of people who have epilepsy but their seizures don’t seem to respond to treatment. This is known as treatment-resistant epilepsy.

During a study, a group of people with treatment-resistant epilepsy were given a pure cannabis oil at a specific dose that was measured out and customized for them based on their weight.

The studies found that 39% of the people who participated in the study had reduced the recurrence of their seizures by half.

The important thing to mention in this study is that the cannabis oil was dosed out carefully. If you want to use cannabis oil for the seizure reducing benefits, you should read more information on how to properly dose yourself.

A Schizophrenia Symptom Option

While the psychoactive effects of the THC found in marijuana work to make the symptoms of schizophrenia worse, the CBD might help to prevent psychosis.

Psychosis in people with schizophrenia may be caused by an inappropriate level of cannabinoids. The cannabinoids in cannabis oil are mild and when administered in the right dose can re-introduce the balance of cannabinoids in the brain without overwhelming the system.

Schizophrenia also comes linked with inflammation, which as we’ll learn later is another issue that cannabis oil can help.

Lessen the Pain from Multiple Sclerosis

In a study of 66 patients with MS, the patients were allowed to take as much cannabis oil as they needed to in order to find relief from their pain. They found that the oil helped to loosen their muscles, give them better sleep, and control their bladder.

Slow the Advancement of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases are the kind of thing that will get worse over time. But cannabis oil can work to protect the cells of the brain.

They do this by countering toxic substances and oxidative stress, both of which are found in people who had strokes or brain damage of some kind.

Decrease Inflammation and Autoimmune Issues

Inflammation is one of the most promising things that cannabis oil could be a treatment for. The cannabinoid system in the body directly impacts the amount of inflammation a body experiences.

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On top of this, it can make changes to the immune system and can deal with the physical effects of stress on our bodies.

We produce cannabinoids naturally, and adding additional cannabinoids through cannabis oil can help reduce inflammation that leaves various parts of the body in pain.

A Natural Cancer Fighter

Anytime someone suggests that a remedy might help to fight cancer, people are right to be skeptical. But in the case of cannabis oil, it’s the real deal.

Cannabis oil can work to help reduce the symptoms of cancer treatment, for starters. It’s great for nausea and inflammation, as we’ve already mentioned.

But researchers recently discovered that cannabis oil can actually work to combat different kinds of cancer. It has natural tumor-fighting properties and can help boost the benefit of conventional cancer treatment.

A Cardiovascular Kick

If you have high blood pressure, cannabis oil could be the answer for the dizziness and chest pain that you might feel. The cannabinoids in cannabis oil work to widen blood vessels so that more blood can work its way through to your heart.

And the less work your heart has to put into pumping your blood, the lower your blood pressure will be.

Increased Skin Health

You don’t have to ingest cannabis oil to get some benefit from it. If you’ve got acne or psoriasis, cannabis oil can help to relieve some of that as well.

Cannabis oil can help to speed up the healing of your damaged skin cells to get your skin looking healthy in no time.

The Cannabis Oil Benefits Are Endless

These are only a few of the best cannabis oil benefits out there. This wonder-oil can also help to lift your depression, reduce your risk of obesity, and help you get better sleep at night. It may sound too good to be true, but cannabis oil is a natural way to help your body heal and thanks to the decriminalization of marijuana, it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

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