Road to Recovery: 5 Tips for Overcoming Addiction and Taking Control of Your Life

Are you tired of starting over? Of trying to get sober and failing?

Your lack of success doesn’t have to be from a lack of intent or lack of trying. It might be that you’re not using the right methods to succeed in overcoming addiction.

We don’t have all the answers, but we have some. Learn more below.

1. Find Support

Have you ever heard someone say that humans are social creatures? It’s not some weird saying that someone came up with. It’s based in our ancestral history.

Way back when before we even had vices like cigarettes and alcohol, humans all lived in tribes. It was safer and each person functioned as part of the whole system.

Recovery is no different. Finding a support group is like finding your tribe, but without the Instagram hashtag. What you serve in the group may change along the way, but you’re a part of a bigger whole.

If you try hard and do the work, you can inspire or act as a stepping stone for someone else’s success.

Finding a support system also gives you a reason to stay accountable. To show up. Whether it’s true or not, tell yourself that your group needs you to be there every meeting. That if you’re not there, it won’t only hurt your journey but it’ll strain someone else.

It sounds little and it sounds cliche, but support and accountability are on every list. You won’t find a book about recovery that doesn’t site asking others for help and how it leads to success. View here to learn more.

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2. Know Your Triggers

Even though the word trigger has a little bit of a reputation now on the internet, it’s still an actual thing. When you’re an addict, certain behaviors or situations trigger you.

Maybe it’s the smell of a certain substance or when you’re feeling bored/alone.

To face these triggers you need a plan of action. What will you do when these triggers come up? For example, can you walk away from the tempting smell? Can you call a friend (there’s that support again), maybe pick up a book?

Write this plan down. Start with “When I’m tempted by A, I’ll do B or C.” Giving yourself different response options cancels out the “well I can’t walk right now so I’ll just give in” slip up.

3. Right Down Your Why

Why do you want to get sober? This needs to be something deep that makes you feel, not just “because alcohol is bad for me”. What’s the true deep reason that you need to get over this addiction?

Is it to see more of your kids? Your partner? Stop getting into legal trouble? Save your own life? Get brutally honest with yourself.

4. Get a Hobby

Whether it’s knitting, crafting something out of cat hair, or learning to code, having something to do in those quiet moments will save you a lot of trouble.

Find something you like – even if it’s Sudoku or watching jeopardy and turn to that, not your vice, when you’re feeling jittery.

5. Never Give Up on Overcoming Addiction

There are people who are twenty years sober and give in to their vices. The difference between them and someone who truly relapses is how fast they get back on the horse.

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We believe you can take your life back from this disease, but you have to believe it too. Overcoming addiction is a life long battle, we hope you’ll start.

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