Cheers! 5 Perfect Beer Gifts for That Special Beer Snob in Your Life

Is your special someone a connoisseur of craft beer, repulsed by grocery-store brands, and favors the finest IPA instead?

Do they love to wax poetic over artisan ales at every bar you frequent, and are hinting about starting a brewery in your basement?

You are dealing with a true beer snob.

How do you show appreciation for said beer snob, especially when their standards are so high? Luckily, there are plenty of quality beer gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest of brew elitists. 

Here are the top five choices your snob will love.

Beer-Crafting Kits

Brewing kits, ranging from the simple to the complex, allow your beer snob to control the entire crafting process. Typical home kits come with all the essential ingredients, such as hops, barley, and yeast, as well as the majority of the hardware needed to set up a home brewery. Top your kit off with a leather-bound, home-brewing journal, so that no secret recipes or formulas will ever be lost.


Your craft beer enthusiast will desire fine glassware to test their product. Glassware comes in all shapes and sizes, from flight samplers to giant Oktoberfest-style steins. True beer snobs will be very specific about their glassware, thus prompting you to do a little research on the right glass for your snob’s favorite brew.


Growlers are to-go containers for freshly-tapped beer from a keg that allows for little to no degradation of the brew. Look for either metal, ceramic, or amber-glass growlers which maintain freshness, especially during transport to your next brew station.

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Beer Gifts of Food

Beer snobs do not live on ale alone. Beer is often a key ingredient in many prepared foods like hot sauce, coffee, mustard, jelly, and bread mix. If your beer snob is also a foodie, a gift of a cookbook that features beer-infused meats, soups, sauces, and even desserts will be a welcome complement to your beer lover’s finer palate.

Bottle Essentials

Bottle accessories make the perfect stocking-stuffer or bar-warming gift. 

Bottle openers are a necessary partner in the ultimate drinking experience since best beers are tightly sealed to preserve the essence of the brew. 

Custom bottle openers are not only necessary as a bar tool, but are available in myriads of styles, colors, and designs, which can personalize your snob’s unique beer brand. 

Silicone bottle caps keep your beer bottles sterile before filling, and bottle carriers, coolers, and stake caddies both hold your beer when your hands are busy and keep it frosty when outdoors.     

Beer Gifts Abound

The ever-increasing popularity craft beers, as well as both commercial and home breweries, ensures that the art of beer will continue to flourish.  

Although you are sure to be a huge hit with any of the above 5 gifts for your beer snob, the sheer amount of beer and brewing items out there will provide you with beer gifts for every future beer-infused occasion.

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