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10 Stunning Home Upgrades that Will Increase Its Value

Giving your house a good make-over can really change the way it looks. It can take years off its appearance and even increase value to the home. We don’t always notice how drab or dull things have become, as we see them every day.

There are plenty of easy ways to spruce up a room, the yard, or the whole appearance of the house. Many you can actually do yourself. It doesn’t have to cost a million to look like it.

Here we will show you a few simple jobs that will take your home to the next level of wow. With a little effort and a little help, you can really turn your home into a show home.

Easy Upgrades to Increase Value

You don’t need to gut the whole house to make improvements and give it an overall fresh, clean look. if you are listing your home, it can really help get you that much closer to your asking price.

1. Clean

A good deep cleaning will make a world of difference. You might want to hire a team of professional cleaners. They are trained to handle the job efficiently and quickly.

Once it’s been done professionally, it’s much easier for you to maintain. This means moving out the appliances, moving furniture and getting in behind everything for a thorough cleaning.

You will be surprised at the difference, as our walls, floors, and windows get grimy gradually, and we rarely notice it. Once it’s been cleaned, it will help you see where things need to be repaired or replaced.


Don’t forget your curb appeal. It’s the first thing people see, whether guests or potential buyers. You want the whole yard and outside of the house to look well-loved and in good repair.

2. Garden

Have the lawns mowed, the hedges trimmed and make sure any blooming flowers are in good standing. Rake the dead leaves and other debris away and remove any dead plants, trees or hedges.

If you don’t have any type of yard, consider getting some. A nice border of blooming flowers along the walk, some shade trees, and a birdbath all give a homey, cared for look.

A few potted plants on the front step make the doorway more inviting and fresh. A vine-cover archway gives a rustic, soft appearance, like a cottage from a fairy tale.

3. Doors and Siding

Power wash the siding of the house. Get right up in the overhang to remove all the built-up spider webs, dirt, and other debris. This will give you a better idea of their condition, to see if you need to do repairs or replace them.

Give your doors a makeover. Wash them down completely, windows and all.

Paint or stain them, and paint the frame of the door and windows a slightly darker color. This adds depth and contrast to make it more interesting.

Replace or repair ripped screens and cover any rust or damages. You want the door to be welcoming.

A brightly painted door stands out and adds contrast to the house. It’s great of your house exterior or a pale color.

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4. Walkway and Steps

Make sure there are no broken steps, bricks, or segments of the sidewalk and stairs. Not only do they not look nice, but they’re a lawsuit waiting to happen. You can repair or replace the stairs or portions of the walk.

If you don’t have a walkway, consider putting in stepping stones, a wooden boardwalk or brightly colored outdoor tiles. You can also get creative and paint stones to look like ladybugs, lilypads, or happy faces.

Adding some lights along the path make a big difference. Install some solar lights and consider string lights for a tree or along the handrails of the stairs.


Start with one room at a time. It’s a good idea to redo your kitchen in nicer weather, so you can use the outdoors to cook and eat without sitting in a mess. Here are some tips for the kitchen.

5. Counters

If you use your countertop as a cutting board, it doesn’t take long for those cut marks on the counter to become black. It’s an eyesore and unhygienic as well. Repairing or replacing your tired and cracked countertops will breath new life into your kitchen.

Go for a nice durable granite and marble. They look so much better and last a lot longer. They just add a touch of class to your kitchen and increase the overall value of your home.

Or if you’re looking for something more luxurious, opt for an onyx or vetrazzo countertop, like the ones this company offers. They are a welcome addition to any kitchen.

6. Cupboards and Handles

Our cupboard doors take a beating. Over the years, they can get dirty, cracked and lose their handles. Depending on the material your cupboards are made of, you can paint or stain them.

You may have to replace them if they are in bad shape. You don’t have to tear out the entire cupboard, as you can just replace the doors. A nice new front, with new handles, will jazz that kitchen up in no time.


For a general lift in all the rooms, there are a few things that you can do. It won’t cost a lot and you can complete these jobs yourself.

7. Paint

A new coat of paint really brightens up a room. Using a gloss paint add shine to it and it’s easier to clean the walls.

If you are listing your house, stick to whites and off-whites. It gives a much cleaner look and makes it easier for the potential buyer to imagine their life in it. It also makes the room seem bigger.

If you are doing it for yourself, be adventurous with color. It not only is fun but can make you feel better. It can turn a regular room into a cozy room for family, set a romantic mood, or cheer up an otherwise dark kitchen.

8. Light Fixtures

These can really change the feel of a room. If you have nice ones in, give them a good cleaning and replace all the bulbs. Lower lightbulb wattage makes the light less harsh. It also helps hide any flaws you don’t want glaring out when you enter the room.

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If your house is old, consider upgrading to LED lights, or a smart system. Even the controls can be easily upgraded. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money rewiring, just change the fixtures and the switch plates.

Use lamps for a softer light. It’s easy to move lamps for controlling the light for maximum effect.

Find nice shades that complement the room and other furniture. These can be used t bring out a subtle color in your wallpaper or couch.

9. Floors

Your floors can make or break a room. The kitchen floors get a lot of abuse over the years. Stains from food spills, scrapes and scratches from shoes and chairs and discoloration from direct sunlight can all make a clean kitchen seem dirty.

Replace the linoleum if it needs it or replace it with something more durable. You can use hardwood, laminate, cork or ceramic tiles. Put down a few cheap throw rugs to protect the busier areas and let them collect dropped food.

Carpeting can get threadbare and need replacing. Check to see what’s underneath, as you may well be covering up some beautiful old hardwood. You can also get hardwood installed, to open up the space.

10. Windows

Windows don’t just allow the light in and are not solely there for you to watch your neighbors. Done correctly, they can really bring a room together.

First, clean them all, inside and out. Wash all the curtains and drapes and replace any that are torn, faded or frayed.

A bit of paint or varnish will add life to the bases and be sure to remove the old filler and replace it. Thos not only looks better but will help keep the energy bill down.


Window treatments work. They keep the sun out but they also add a lot of color and depth to a room. You can use a window to open up a smaller room and sheer curtains allow light into an otherwise dark corner.

Add flowerpots and plants in your windows. The add a nice bit of mother nature to your room. Plus, a blooming plant is always a nice touch.

Hang colored crystals in the window to send rainbows around the rooms. They spin in the breeze, adding color and fun to any room.

New Home Smell

Making small repairs will brighten up the home and help get rid of all the old odors. Pets, feet, cooking, it lingers over the years and we hardly notice it. But our guests might.

Whether you are just in need of a new look or you are trying to increase value to your home, a few small jobs will make a huge difference. Do a lot of them yourself, or hire a handyman for the more complex tasks.

If you are planning on putting your home on the market, please keep reading for more tips on how to work with your real estate agent.