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Tired of Smoking? Try One of These 15 Ways to Consume Marijuana

The many benefits of marijuana are hard to ignore. With the ability to help with both mental and physical illnesses, insomnia, and more, marijuana can help a wide variety of problems.

But some of us would rather find a different way to consume it than the traditional smoking method. With more states legalizing the use of marijuana these days, our consumption options are growing.

Now, there are lots of different ways to consume marijuana, leaving us capable of finding the best method that suits our needs. We’ve gathered together a list so that you can see all of those options for yourself.

1. Vaporization

With the start of this list comes something that will be familiar to smokers, but isn’t a method of smoking at all. Vaping is something that is growing more popular by the day, and marijuana consumers are getting into the craze as well.

Vaporization is the method of heating up marijuana oil until it creates a vapor which you then inhale. It doesn’t involve burning of organic material at all.

It’s a much healthier option to smoking and provides smokers with something that is similar to what they already know.

2. Edibles

Years ago, you only heard about the brownie variety. These days, the sky is the limit with the recipes you can find. You can learn how to make edibles a part of your normal diet.

The best thing about edibles is the fact that you can make anything you want and still get the benefits of marijuana that you want.

It’s a good idea to start off in small doses when using edibles. Ingesting marijuana can take some time before the effects hit you, so be patient if you’re trying them for the first time.

3. Pills

Pills are a potent option for those of us who would prefer something quick and easy. You ingest them in the exact same way you would with any other kind of pill.

You can find these pills in a variety of different strengths to suit your needs. It’s recommended that you always take a close look at the dosage amount before ingesting these kinds of pills. It’s always better to start off small and work your way up to higher concentrations.

4. Rosin

Rosin is one of the new cutting-edge ways that marijuana users taking up by storm. Rosin is a marijuana extract that is strong and results in very concentrated effects. It’s a natural method of getting those marijuana benefits that a lot of people are turning towards.

Some people even enjoy making their own rosin, with the help of Solvent Zero for example. This way, you can make the rosin in the exact strength you need it to be in.

5. Sprays

These sprays are a quick method of taking marijuana. A liquid close to a tincture is poured into a fine mist spray bottle. To use it, you only need to spray it into your mouth or under your tongue.

One or two presses of the button are enough to give you the results you want. Sprays are an inconspicuous way to use marijuana as the bottles can look like any other kind of breath freshener.

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6. Seeds

Most people think of the typical marijuana leaf as the consumable part of the plant. But the seeds of these plants are full of similar benefits as the leaf itself. Some people even prefer hemp seeds to other more traditional methods.

These seeds can make for a healthy snack that can help in digestion, soothe minor pains, and more. These seeds might not give you the same potent kind of high that some users are looking for. But they can give you a nice boost in energy and make you healthier in the long run.

7. Dissoluble Strips

You might have seen a type of breath freshener that comes in small semi-transparent strips. You’re meant to put them on your tongue and have them dissolve from contact with your saliva.

There are marijuana strips that do the exact same thing. Except these strips give you that relaxing high feeling that marijuana users crave. These strips are even more discreet than sprays.

No one would ever know that the small strip you’ve put into your mouth is anything but a regular breath freshener. Plus, these strips can come in strong varieties, so you’ll get the results you want with little effort.

8. Drinks

Although drinking marijuana isn’t as popular, it is a healthier option to smoking. You can even add these drinks into your everyday routine.

Tea is the easiest of the methods, as it uses the dried marijuana leaves in place of typical tea combinations.

You can also create wines, beers, and even coffee made with marijuana. It is easier to make these drinks yourself than to try to find them at a coffee shop or a bar. That could change someday in the future, however.

9. Patches

Instead of ingesting marijuana, you can also absorb it through your skin. Patches are a great way to do this, as you can place the patch on your arm and then go about your day.

These patches stick to your skin like a band-aid, but they’re infused with marijuana oils and extracts. As your body heat warms up the patch, this releases the active ingredient into your skin. Then, it makes its way to your bloodstream, giving you a direct link to the marijuana effect.

10. Topical Creams

There are many different kinds of topical creams you can find that have been infused with marijuana. Lotions, lip balms, and foot creams are a few of the variety available.

The best part about these kinds of creams is that they can be applied to a specific area instead of affecting your whole body. If you have pain in your hands, use a marijuana lotion. You’ll feel the pain-relieving effects without having that same high feeling.

This makes it a great choice for people who need those effects but still want to maintain a clear head.

11. Tincture

Tinctures are potent extracts of marijuana that you drop underneath your tongue. They work fast and, depending on how many drops you use, they can also be quite potent.

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They’re also easy to use and can be the most efficient way to get high for those who don’t want to inhale anything.

If you use marijuana to help you fall asleep, you can place a drop or two under your tongue and then go to bed. The tincture will work the marijuana into your system while you are able to doze off right to sleep.

12. Oils

Used in a similar way to topical creams, oils are purer and stronger. Instead of adding concentrate to a cream base, you only get the pure oil to rub into your skin.

The oil will seep into your skin in no time, giving you relief to any pains you might be having in that area.

You can also use marijuana oils in your everyday cooking. They can replace any regular oils to give your meals an extra kick that you can’t find anywhere else.

13. Chewing Gum

A fun way to ingest marijuana is by taking it in chewing gum form. As you chew through the gum, the marijuana’s THC and CBD will release into your mouth. It continues over time, delivering the concentrate little by little to keep you feeling the effects for an extended period of time.

This makes for another discreet way to take marijuana. The gum looks the same as any other kind of gum you can find in a store. You could even blow bubbles with this gum if you wanted to.

Chewing gums can also be a great option for someone who wants to feel those effects but has trouble with their appetite.

14. Dab

This is somewhat similar to a method of smoking, except, as with vaping, there is no actual smoke. Dabbing is when you flash-vaporize a strong concentration of marijuana and then breath in the resulting vapors that rise up.

This method isn’t meant for beginners. It involved a heated waterpipe fitted with a special attachment that you fire up with a butane torch.

Dabbing does give you a natural and potent high, however, so a lot of marijuana users are turning towards this alternative.

15. Crystals

These crystals are close to pure THC which means they are the strongest method on this entire list. The way you use them can vary, such as snorting, ingesting, or inhaling along with other marijuana methods.

This could be the most efficient way to get high, but such potent material like this is for experienced users and should be used with caution.

Consume Marijuana in a Way That Works Best For You

With so many different options available, there’s no reason to default back to smoking marijuana if you prefer something else. You can consume marijuana in any way that you like.

Our options will continue to grow as people expand their acceptance and understanding of how marijuana works. This time next year could see a list like this with a hundred different methods for you to choose from.

Until then, these fifteen consumption methods are a great place to start.

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