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Easily Organize Digital Photos With These Helpful Hacks

As summer approaches you’re likely planning your next vacation. Whether you’re planning an elaborate getaway or a simple camping trip, there’s a good chance you’ll be taking pictures.

But where will those pictures end up?

While the digital age has eliminated stacks and books of printed photos, digital photos can be just as disorganized.

Your photos don’t have to be a mess, though, no matter how many you have. Organize digital photos by trying these simple hacks.

Mix Up Digital and Physical

When organizing digital photos, it’s okay to use some of the physical organizing tips you already know. Just incorporate your digital files into your physical organizing system!

Photo discs can be filed just as easily as physical photos. Using boxes or filing systems is a great way to keep your digital files in check.

Utilize labels if you use this method! Make sure each disc or flash drive includes a description of what is included, then organize from there.

Consider printing photos at the end of the year. Photo albums are a great way to organize and provide quick access to fun family memories.

Digital File Organization Ideas

If you want to stay completely digital, utilize your computer’s virtual folder options. Use multiple folder levels, if desired. For example, have a folder for each month inside a folder for each year.

Within these folders, incorporate a uniform naming system for your files. Consider using names, dates, or events in your file naming.

When storing photos virtually, don’t forget to backup your files! Online storage systems like Dropbox or Google Drive are great options for this.

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Photo albums don’t have to be physical. Try creating digital albums or slideshows to showcase and organize your files.

Organize by Style

While dates and events may be the most obvious ways to organize pictures, consider some alternative ideas. One example is organizing by style. If photography is your passion, you likely have different types of photos.

Maybe you have a bunch of artsy photos, like those from this photographer. Keep these separate from casual family photos.

Don’t Be Afraid to Delete

Thanks to the ease of digital photography, most of us probably take several shots of each moment to make sure we got the right one. Ultimately, you really don’t need to keep every photo you took.

When organizing your photos, delete all photos you don’t need. Choose two or three of each moment, then delete the rest. You won’t miss them, trust us.

Organize Digital Photos Ahead of Time

Taking the time to organize digital photos will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Doing so now will let you plan your vacation without the added worry of what to do with your photos when you return.

Now that you’ve got an organization plan in place, you may even want to add your old, physical photos. Scan them in to have all your photos in one place!

While it may seem time-consuming and cumbersome at first, following these simple hacks will make your photos more organized and more easily accessible when you want to revisit your special memories.

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