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10 Interesting Marijuana Statistics You Should Know About

It’s been described as a “healing of the nation.” This rings true as more people across the globe turn to cannabis to nourish their health and wellbeing.

Legalization is happening across the country and social acceptability is on the rise. Marijuana statistics show that attitudes are changing as the population increases its medicinal and recreational usage.

147 million people use cannabis, yet there’s still a great deal of misconception surrounding the culture and effects of this plant.

So it’s time to clear things up for all the old, new, or just plain curious cannabis consumers out there. Here are 10 interesting facts about the herb, that will leave you saying, “that’s dope!”

1. Addiction and Overdose Are Highly Unlikely

Despite what D.A.R.E and your parents have tried burning into your brain, it’s not possible to lethally overdose on marijuana.

To do so, you would need to consume 40,000 times the regular intake in one sitting. Ingesting too much marijuana may lead to feelings of extreme highness, dizziness or vomiting, not death which is the case with other drugs.

Another marijuana myth is that it’s a gateway drug, and trying it once will lead to a lifetime of battling addiction. Only about 9% of people become addicted and abuse the drug.

2. There Are Currently 779 Strains of Weed…And Counting

Confidential Cheese. Phantom Cookies. Yabba Dabba Goo. Cannabis has come along way since the 70’s, with the use of hydroponics helping to evolve new strains.

In reality, the total number of strains is immeasurable, as new varieties of hybrids continue to emerge. Don’t expect a similar high among these varieties, as different strains do different things to our minds and bodies.

To help categorize, here are 3 types of weed:

  • Indica – Provides a sleepy, relaxed body high
  • Sativa – Provides an energetic, enhanced state of mind
  • Hybrid – Contains a mix of the two, with either Indica or Sativa being the dominant type

To help get it right, think Sativa during the day and Indica at night, with hybrid characteristics varying due to crossbreeding.

3. Marijuana Makes You Eat More, but Weigh Less

Taco Bell and White Castle make millions off of marijuana users, thanks to the munchies.

It’s true ganja users consume more calories, thanks to the food cravings and an enhanced sense of taste that occurs from being high. But they also have faster metabolisms, thanks again to the effects of weed.

All those late night puffs followed by pizza and pints of ice cream aren’t leading to expanded waistlines. The stats on marijuana show 33% lower obesity rates among those who get high.

4. Couples That Smoke Together, Stay Together

With an elevated mood and relaxed mind, who has the energy to argue?

Chalk it up to the calming effects of marijuana, but couples who share a bowl actually argue less and experience less violence in their relationships.

Another love perk of enjoying reefer is the exhilarating effect on your sex life. Enhanced sensations from being high heat up the bedroom and lead to more intense orgasms for women.

Looking for other ways weed improves life between the sheets? Try cannabis massage oil or lube.

5. All Hail to Hemp, the Fastest Growing Industry

Despite prohibition efforts and the seizing of mass amounts of cannabis each year, the industry is thriving.

Take Colorado, for example, it made a whopping $1.1 billion in 2016. That’s about $150 million in tax dollars.

This money is being used to help the homeless, strengthen law enforcement, and support school funding. Additionally, the legalized selling and distribution of marijuana creates new jobs. Think again about how many people smoke weed in the world, and how these taxes can boost our economy.

6. Thank You For Not Smoking

Joints, blunts, bongs, and pipes are getting competition from smoke-free alternatives.

Marijuana is finding its way into chocolate truffles, toast crunch cereal bars, and gummy bears. These edibles provide a delicious and smoke-free way to get high, and the effects can last longer.

Be your own cannabis chef and make a weed butter that bakes into cookies and brownies. Or create a strawberry infused cannabis oil to mix into your Champagne.

Vape pens are a discreet way to enjoy your cannabis concentrates, and can charge on-the-go using a USB port. Read up on the best e-liquids on the market.

7. Smoking Pot Doesn’t Make You a Pothead

The majority of people who enjoy the effects of marijuana aren’t what you would classify as a “stoner.” Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, they continue to function just fine without toking up every hour on the hour.

With the medicinal benefits aside, many people partake in pot to promote a state of mental wellbeing. Anxiety, depression, and insomnia can all be better managed by marijuana.

When looking for ways to manage anxiety, many people turn to Mary Jane, as marijuana statistics show that the mellow effects can help decrease anxiety. This site offers a wide variety of relaxing strains, with guides on how to dose your edibles to achieve the desired effect.

8. It’s Not Just for Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg

Rap songs and reggae may have strong ties to the sticky icky, but marijuana is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. Celebrity types from Jennifer Aniston to Charlize Theron to Oprah are all very open about their experiences with weed.

While teens and young adults are typically portrayed as pot smokers, older generations are also experimenting with the mood-enhancing drug. Perhaps it’s the natural pain-relieving properties that make it popular among the 64+ crowd (from 2006 to 2013, usage was up 250% among this age group).

9. People Have Been Cultivating Weed for Thousands of Years

While not as publicized and widely used as today, marijuana has been around for a long time. It was found buried with the dead in ancient tombs in China and Siberia.

Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated crops, yet it’s historical significance related first towards herbal medicine. Extracts were used in the 1800s to help patients suffering from Cholera. Hashish was used for recreational purposes in Asia and the Middle East.

10. We Can Thank the Great Depression for Making Marijuana Illegal

Cannabis was brought to America during the Mexican Revolution, and soon after became known as, “evil weed.”

Tensions during the Great Depression led to its prohibition and by the year 1931, marijuana was outlawed in 29 states. Not long after the Marijuana Tax Act passed, which further criminalized the sale and distribution of the plant. It was the Controlled Substance Act which made usage illegal.

Fast forward to 1996, when California first legalized marijuana for medical usage. The rest is history.

Marijuana Statistics for the Cannabis Consumer

Whether you sell it, smoke it, or support it, the marijuana industry is booming. Marijuana statistics prove it.

As states continue to legalize and favor weed policies, cannabis consumers rejoice.

So here’s one more interesting marijuana statistic: it can make you rich. No, we’re not talking about dealing drugs, but investing in them instead. Here’s what you need to know about investing in pot stocks.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it.