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5 Must-Know Airport Hacks

What’s the worst thing about traveling in airports? The wait lines? Removing all electronics from your carry-on?

How about paying exorbitant prices for food and beverages or feeling uncomfortable for hours? Whatever your answer, we’ve got you covered. Read on for five simple airport hacks that’ll make your next trip easier and more pleasant.

TSA Pre-Check & Global Entry

Want to make it through TSA security in minutes instead of hours? Then, you need to check out TSA Pre-Check. It’ll save you MAJOR time and hassles, making the money you spend well worth the investment. It costs $85 for a five-year TSA-PreCheck membership.

But if you plan on traveling internationally even once in the coming five years, go with Global Entry instead. For $100 Global Entry ensures you streamlined movement through security and US Customs.

Are peace of mind and less time spent in line worth $100 for five years? Heck, yeah!

Whether you choose TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry, you’ll need to enroll online and then visit an enrollment center. There, you’ll sit for an interview, have your ID verified, and get fingerprinted.

Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport is a free app that downloads to your phone. How does it work? Instead of filling out paper customs re-entry forms, use the app to scan the info page of your passport. Then snap a selfie and create a permanent profile that is saved in the app.

The app will then guide you through standard inspection questions and create a QR code. The QR code lets you bypass the typical customs line once de-planed and off the gangway.

Once this app gets more popular, no doubt the Mobile Passport lines at airports will get longer. But, right now, few people know about it making this one of the most awesome airport hacks out there.

Pack Lightly

Want more airport hacks that let you get through the airport and into the boarding area for your gate in under half an hour? Pack lightly so that you don’t need to check a bag.

Between this and TSA Pre-Check, you’ll get through the airport with less hassle and in half the time. TSA Pre-Check means you don’t have to unpack all of your electronics going through security, either. So, invest in a great book or magazine because you’ll have extra time for R&R before boarding the plane.

Carry-On Travel Essentials

When traveling, pamper yourself by packing a carry-on with your favorite travel items. After all, you don’t have to wait for arrival at hoteles to get your relax on.

Some of our favorites? Start with the bare essentials like dental floss, facial wipes, hand sanitizer, cozy socks, and a large beanie that you can pull down over your eyes for sleeping. Also, consider adding face moisturizer, cough drops, probiotics, and lavender oil to promote calmness and well-being.

Travel Comfy

While you’re in the mood to pamper yourself, make sure that you dress comfortably. Wear clothing that stretches with you and supports lots of walking and standing. We’re talking sneakers and leggings here.

Also, bring a water bottle that you can carry and refill throughout your airport experience and flight. After all, who wants to waste money purchasing $3 bottles of water at every gate? It adds up quickly.

Between the comfy clothes and water bottle, you’ll avoid two of the nastiest things about flying: dehydration and feeling tight or bloated. And that carry-on bag’s goodies will refresh you and make you look and feel like a million bucks.

Airport Hacks

What do you think of these airport hacks? Have you tried any of these tricks?

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