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5 Best Beach Hacks When Vacationing with Kids

Summer is here, so you can finally hit the beach for a fun-filled day. Whether you’re going to a local beach or planning a short holiday, you might wonder what to about your kids. After all, you want to keep them safe and make sure they have a good time.

A family beach trip requires planning. You can’t simply pack your stuff and leave home. Children are particularly sensitive to sunburn and can get easily get in trouble.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best beach hacks so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The key is to plan everything ahead. This way, you won’t have to worry about every single thing and experience unnecessary stress.

Bring Baby Powder

Kids love to play in the sand and get dirty. Unfortunately, this habit is anything but healthy.

According to the latest studies, digging in the sand can make children ill. Beach sand is packed with bacteria and contaminants that may trigger infection and allergic reactions. Skin rashes and digestive distress are common complaints as well.

Baby powder is your best bet. It not only makes sand easier to remove but also protects your child’s skin. Pack a big bottle and you’re ready to go!

Take Advantage of Your Baby’s Nappy Bag

The more crowded the beach, the higher the risk of theft. Australians, for instance, are more afraid of theft than shark attacks. Things are not too different in the U.S. either.

Keep your belongings safe by storing them in a clean diaper in your baby’s nappy bag. No thief will check there, that’s for sure!

Dress Your Child Like a Surfer

If your kids wearing something cool, such as surfer clothes, he’s less likely to get dirty. In fact, you won’t even need to apply sunscreen all over his body every hour or so.

Look for outfits made of breathable materials. A fancy T-shirt paired with shorts will do the trick.

Need inspiration? Check out Ninja Shark and other online stores targeted toward water sports enthusiasts.

Be Smart about SPF

Most people apply sunscreen as soon they get on the beach. This process can be time-consuming when you’re traveling with kids.

Apply SPF before leaving home. This way, the lotion will be absorbed into the skin before your kids take off their clothes. Plus, you won’t waste time applying all that goop while on the beach.

Frozen Water Bottles Are the Way to Go

Avoid unnecessary trips to the store or the hotel room by bringing frozen water bottles with you. They last longer than ice, so you won’t have to leave the kids unattended to buy more water.

Pack at least five small plastic bottles in a cooler bag. Place them on the corners of your towel or on a small table next to you. Drink them as soon as they defrost.

Keep Your Kids Safe and Happy with the Best Beach Hacks

These are just a few of the many beach vacation tips every parent should know. Eventually, you can bring an inflatable pool to keep your child from going into the ocean. Use a mesh laundry bag for toys and a pop-up tent for napping.

In case your child gets sunburnt, apply a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to his skin. Store it in a spray bottle so you can take it with you at the beach.

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