installing attic insulation

Winter is Coming: Hack Your Heating Bill By Choosing the Right Home Insulation

We can spend up to 50% more on energy in the winter by losing precious heat.

Kicking up the heat on a cold day without full insulation in the attic means 30% of it may escape.

Though we are paying for 100% of it.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself before the holidays is a warm home and a reasonable heating bill. You’ll be warmer and richer for it.

Read on to learn more about installing attic insulation.

How Does Insulation Save Energy?

As we know, heat rises. If there is too little insulation in your attic, the heat your HVAC system produces has an easy escape.

Then, your system works up to 20% harder to keep the temperature warm enough.

How Does Installing Attic Insulation Save Money?

When we pay our energy costs in peak times, we’re paying top dollar. It’s all about supply and demand.

During the coldest winter months, an overworked HVAC increases our already higher bills.

By insulating the attic, the heating system works more efficient by running less.

What Does The R Rating Mean?

The rating for insulation ties to the material’s ability to stop heat from passing through it. The higher the rating, the more impermeable it is.

For homes, there are regional recommendations. Those who live in colder areas should have higher ratings (up to R-49) for attic insulation.

How Long Does Insulation Last?

The material used for insulation can hold up pretty well for a decade or two. But, there are elements that can work against it, rendering it useless.

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Roof leaks and animal or insect infestation can cause damage. If mold appears, this will degrade insulation from the inside out.

Areas of “blank spaces” will allow dust, dirt, and debris to build up, damaging the existing material.

It’s very common to overlook attic insulation. Many homebuyers neglect to ask how old their insulation is.

Without knowing the history, it’s difficult to determine if new material is necessary.

You’ll want a pro like those at Attic Insulation Labs to inspect and suggest what’s necessary.

Is Installing Attic Insulation a DIY Job?

If you are reading this, you may have some idea you need new insulation. And, it seems to be a pretty straightforward job. But, if you need replacement, it’s vital to know a few things.

There are several types from which to choose, and you’ll want the best for your home and region. You may also want barriers to keep the pests out.

Warmer climate homes can benefit from additions like an attic fan. These keep home temperatures lower and save energy in summer.

And, cleaning out old insulation allows a clear inspection of the attic. A pro can spot the reasons the old stuff didn’t hold up.

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