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Top 5 Cleaning Hacks for a Dust-Free House

Ever feel like the only cleaning you ever do around your home is dusting? And if it’s not dusting, it’s vacuuming up dust! We get it – dusting may seem like a completely futile cleaning task, no matter how much you dust it’s always back within a day or so!

Despite this, dusting your home is necessary- especially if you suffer from allergies or have small children and pets.

But all is not lost- here are a few simple cleaning hacks to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to dusting your home…

Simple Cleaning Hacks For a Dust-Free Home

Allergies are the pits- itchy eyes, a runny nose, dry cough and tight chest, these symptoms can only be exacerbated by dust.

Unfortunately, dust is everywhere, it cannot be avoided, but this doesn’t mean you have to live with it in your home.

Looking for a simple way to banish your allergies? Visit this website for excellent product reviews and follow these easy house cleaning hacks…

1. Keep Screens Dust-Free with Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets– no they aren’t just reserved for laundry tasks, they are the ideal solution to keeping dust out of your home.

Due to the fact that they are static free, they are the ultimate tool for picking up dust off TV and computer screens in your home.

They are also ideal for cleaning the dust off of shelves, bookcases, tables, and benches.

2. Dust Your Blinds with Tongs

Cleaning blinds can seem like a total headache. You have to dismount them, wash them then hang them back up to dry.

With this quick house cleaning trick, that headache can be avoided. Find yourself a pair of tongs and wrap a microfiber cloth around each tong head.

Once the microfiber cloth is secured with elastic bands, clamp down on each individual blind and wipe the dust away, moving in one singular direction. Use a cleaning spray to add a little lubrication so the cloth moves with ease along the blind.

3. Keep Lamp Shades Dust-Free with a Lint Roller

The lint roller- this must be one of the most unused and underestimated household items. However, they are the answer to many household cleaning hacks.

Lamp shades are one of those items of decor which seem to attract copious amounts of dust and are pretty hard to clean without getting wet.

Enter, the lint roller. Use your lint roller to successfully remove dust without fluffing it all over the place, only to settle onto other items of furniture!

4. The Power of the Pillow Case

Ceiling fans can look truly ghastly after a long summer of use or winter of stagnation. Either way, their blades tend to gather huge amounts of dust.

One of our most simple and quick cleaning tips is to use a humble pillowcase for the dusting of your ceiling fan.

Place the open end of the pillowcase over each blade and wipe away the dust and debris.

This way dust is collected without being dispersed all over the room in the process. You can then simply wash and re-use your pillowcase when done!

5. Dust in the Right Order

Finally, one of our most important house cleaning hacks is to make sure you’re dusting your home in the right order.

The next time you aim to do a deep clean and dusting of your home, use the top to bottom rule.

The reason why your home may appear as though it’s always dusty is that dust is merely being moved from one place to another and not eliminated.

Start dusting at the highest points of the room i.e. the ceiling fan, tops of shelves, then move down to tables, fixtures and then the floor.

Finish off each room with a thorough vacuuming of the floors to gather all the dust which was moved from top to bottom.

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