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5 Home Organization Hacks to Declutter Your Living Space

Clutter is such a bummer, especially in a small home or an apartment. But a lack of square footage is no excuse to have a messy home. You just have to get a bit more inventive.

Decluttering your home can pay dividends, too, and not just for the aesthetic appeal of your home. Studies have shown that people with cleaner homes are healthier people overall.

So if you want to be your best self, but are struggling to de-clutter your home, here are 5 great home organization hacks.

1. Utilize Your Bed Space

The area underneath your bed is great for storage, but the recent interior design trend of low-slung Ikea-style beds has minimized this space. But fear not, if you’ve got a low-to-the-ground bed, but need the storage space, you can always use bed risers to lift it up.

Then, you can use easily-stackable wide plastic bins to store your belongings. You can also place round labels on the sides of the bins so that you can always tell what items are in which bin without having to pull everything out.

2. Magnetic Spice Rack

The spice cabinet in most people kitchens is always a disaster. Nothing is organized, and you’re always knocking things over trying to find the dried oregano. It’s an annoyance we’re all familiar with.

But we don’t have to be victim to our spices anymore. Alternatively, we can use magnetic spice containers and slap them onto the side of our fridge to save space and keep them more organized.

3. De-clutter Your Garage with Pegboards

A messy garage is always a big source of anxiety for homeowners. Everything is haphazardly thrown around, and nothing is in a designated place.

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You can change this by hanging some pegboards to your walls so that you can hang your tools, equipment, and pretty much anything else you have in your garage with ease. If you’d like more garage organization hacks, click here.

4. Closet Space Dividers

Closets are another problem area for most homeowners. The issue with closets is the same with garages: there’s a total lack of structure.

This can be changed by simply adding some closet space dividers in the form of wire racks or canvas cubby bins to place towels, sweaters, or any other item of clothing you wear less often.

5. Use a Coffee Table Chest

Living rooms are tough to manage because there usually isn’t any place to hide your junk. Couches are too low to the ground to provide useful storage and coffee tables are just…tables.

However, a coffee table doesn’t have to serve just one purpose. If you use a chest as your de facto coffee table, you can store all sorts of stuff in there like blankets, pillows, or magazines.

Now That You’ve Seen These Home Organization Hacks…

It’s time to put them to good use, so go on and get de-cluttering! You can turn your home into something to be proud of.

But home organizations hacks are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a home you’d be proud to live in. If you’d like more home tips, check out our House & Home archives.