Mass Shooting Facts About America That Are Hard to Read…

It’s no secret that mass shootings in America have, tragically, become a part of everyday life. 

We mean that quite literally.

Within a total of 1,870 days, there are 1,624 shootings in the United States. That’s some sort of shooter violence almost every single day. 

Unfortunately, this is just one of many harrowing facts about America and it’s devastating problem with gun violence. 

Whether you currently own guns, have children and family members in schools or churches, or even if you are grieving because you lost someone to gun violence, it’s important to understand the realities of mass shootings USA. 

Read on to start to come to terms with the true severity of this issue.

Children and Mass Shootings

It’s impossible to forget mass shootings that rocked the nation, like Newtown and Columbine High School. 

However, these national tragedies are far from the only instances of gun violence directed toward children. 

In fact, according to a study compiled by Everytown for Gun Safety, about 1,700 children are murdered by someone with a gun every year. 

If these children are younger than 13, the majority of these murders with guns are committed in their homes by someone they know. Often, they are a result of domestic violence. 

The same study site above also shows guns are the second most common cause of death for children and teenagers in the United States. 

It also proved one in every five victims of gun violence is under the age of 18. 

Red Flags and Gun Violence

According to the Everytown survey, 51% of those who commit mass shootings showed some kind of warning sign before they acted. 

In some cases, they posted threatening, violent, or vague messages on social media. Sometimes, they spoke about it to fellow classmates or other people in their lives. 

They show other red flags, like a history of violence and anger or extreme psychological distress. 

Afterward, many people report seeing red flags like these but admit never “really thinking” anything would actually happen. 

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Mass Shootings and Suicide

The Everytown study says that 70 shooters committed suicide after committing the act, making suicide an extremely common reaction. 

Both studies also point out that suicide by gun, even if no mass violence against others is committed beforehand, is on the rise across the country.

The Family Members of Shooters

Tragically, many mass shooters also turn their gun on their own family members at some point — usually the beginning or end — of their violent rampage. 

In fact, according to the Everytown survey, about 54% of mass shooters result in the shooter taking the lives of their husband, wife, or partner — or another family member. 

You need to take home security and firearms storage extremely seriously. 

Mass Shootings and Gun Ownership

We understand many people feel incredibly strongly about gun control facts and — rights regardless of their opinion on the issue. 

A study conducted by Mother Jones found that, since the year 1982, America has seen 109 mass shootings across 34 different states. 

That same study found over 75% of the 143 guns used to commit these mass shootings were obtained through entirely legal means. 

However, the shocking thing is the Everytown for Gun Safety study we referenced earlier found that in 1/3 of the shootings on record, the shooter was legally barred from owning a gun. 

Gun ownership laws in many different parts of the country mean lots of different types of guns, including those with an incredibly high capacity for ammunition, are readily available for sale. 

Many of these mass shootings were committed using these high capacity guns, such as AR-15 rifles and a .40 caliber Glock.

The Everytown study also states these high caliber weapons result in two times as many fatalities as the use of a “standard” gun could. These weapons also lead to 14 times as many injuries. 

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What You Can Do

We know that these mass shooting facts about America can make you feel incredibly vulnerable and afraid. 

No matter how you feel about gun control and gun ownership, there are things you can do to protect yourself and the people you care about. 

If you own a gun, it’s your responsibility to secure it in a lockbox. You may also want to use a trigger lock. You can get them for free from local law enforcement centers or through nonprofits like Project ChildSafe

If you’re a teacher, we absolutely understand your fear about mass shootings in America that take place on all kinds of campuses. Secure your classroom door with a sleeve to make it hard for a shooter to enter. Conduct active shooter drills with your students. 

Above all, understand the rules around local gun legislation in your state. If you feel a change needs to be made, speak up. Write to your congressperson, start your own campaign, and peacefully protest. 

Your actions and persistence could one day save a life. 

Don’t Let These Shooting Facts About America Make You Live in Fear

It’s only natural to feel anxiety after coming to terms with statistics like this. 

However, remember that, no matter what the shooting facts about America are, it’s important you try not to let fear control your life. 

You may feel better if you learn how to fire a gun at your local range. You may decide you never want to touch a gun. You may read this and decide you need to lock up your firearms or talk to your family about how to respond in a shooting. 

Rely on our blog to help you learn even more ways to keep the people you love safe. 

Don’t lose hope, and don’t be afraid to make your voice heard.