Could Cannabis Oil Be the Newest, and Best Oil for Aging Skin?

You get out of bed to start your normal morning routine and as you stare in the mirror to brush your teeth, you notice a few new wrinkles popping up on your face. Your mind drifts to the millions of anti-aging products that you have resting in the drawer. Are they really doing their job?

The truth is they are doing their best but they just can’t keep up. There is something out there that can though. Believe it or not, CBD oil is the best oil for aging skin.  

There are several companies who are now making lines of CBD creams and other skin products. Keep reading to find out how these products can turn back the clock on your skin and leave it softer than you could have ever imagined. 

1. How Can CBD Help with Anti-Aging 

CBD has many properties that don’t just help smooth out wrinkles but also brightens dull skin and brings life back into your skin tone. Here are a few ways that it does all of this. 

Attacks Inflammation 

When your face always has a red tint it causes your wrinkles to show up even more than they did before. CBD oil’s anti-inflammation properties can reduce this redness so wrinkles fade into the background. While it gets rid of redness, it also moisturizes your skin gently which is great if you have sensitive skin. 

It’s inflammation properties is also great for skin conditions like psoriasis because it can soothe dry and itchy skin. 

Regulates Oil Production 

When your skin produces an excessive amount of oil, not only does that cause the dreaded acne but it also doesn’t do any favors for wrinkles. CBD regulates your oil production so you don’t produce quite as much. 

When you use CBD your skin will start to become more supple with fewer wrinkle lines and will really make your skin feel more comfortable. 

CBD is Full of Antioxidants 

You can probably agree that vitamin C and E both are full of antioxidants but did you know that CBD oil has more of them than both these combined. These antioxidants attack the free radicals that affect your collagen fibers head on.  

The great thing is that it does this no matter if you put the oil on your skin or consume it directly. If you do consume it directly it gets rid of the free radicals that happen as a byproduct from your normal bodily functions.  

2. How Do You Consume it

When you think of a product that helps your skin, you probably think of cream but there are more ways to consume it than that. You can put it directly on your skin or literally eat it. Here are a few products that you’ll come across. 

CBD Oil 

You can consume CBD oil in two ways. One way is to use it as a skin oil and put it directly on your face. Another way is to drip the oil under your tongue and consume it directly. 

If you’re worried about the overbearing earthy taste, you can get some oils that are flavored. 


Creams are pretty self-explanatory, you rub them on your face. The great thing about them is CBD oil is never the only ingredient in them. They’re also composed of several other helpful ingredients like glycerine that can help hydrate your face. 

Bath Bombs 

Everyone enjoys soaking in the tub with a bath bomb. It’s really relaxing and a great way to wind down after a tough day. What if we told you that you can do this while also helping your skin?

You can get bath bombs that are infused with CBD oil which allows you to sit back and relax while your body absorbs all those sweet nutrients. 


Everyone loves food, right? Well, edibles are your chance to get the CBD oil that your skin needs while also consuming a lot of yummy food like cookies, drinks, and adorable gummies. 

3. How Not to Consume it

While there are several ways for you to consume CBD there are ways that you shouldn’t. For example, if you’re using CBD for your skin then you shouldn’t smoke it in any form. It causes the free radicals that you’re trying to get rid of. 

You can also use marijuana to get some of the same effects but keep in mind that street marijuana isn’t as good as industrial cannabis because it doesn’t contain as much CBD. If you’re going to go the marijuana route it’s best to get it from reputable medical marijuana companies

4. Are There Any Side Effects 

You won’t come across many harmful side effects when using CBD oil products. The most common one is an allergic reaction to any of the flavored oils. You may break out in a rash. 

Some people become tired after using the products and experience diarrhea. You shouldn’t take CBD oil in any form if you are on blood thinners, pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

5. Is it Legal

There is a lot of grey area when it comes to the legality of the products. Different states and countries have different regulations and ideas. Even so, CBD oil-based skin products are growing in popularity so more brands are starting to incorporate it into their products. 

This in! CBD is the Best Oil for Aging Skin 

CBD oil is probably the best oil for aging skin. It fights inflammation, regulates your oil production, and is full of antioxidants and no matter how you get the oil in your system it will always leave your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. Turn back the clock on your skin!

CBD oil isn’t the only thing that can improve your skin complexion. Keep reading for other ways you can get healthier skin