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The Best Golf Gear You Need to up Your Game in 2018

Is there anything better than a day on the links? There’s just something about the promise of fresh cut grass and a wide open fairway.

That dream can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t have the right equipment. Poor equipment doesn’t only affect your score. It can mess with your technique and leave a lasting imprint on your game for years to come.

No good golfer leaves the house without the proper equipment. But how can you choose the best?

If you’re looking to amp up your golf game in the back half of 2018, you need the best golf gear to do it. Read on to find out what you need!

Callaway GBB Epic Drivers

Confidence is key to your success on the course. That’s where the Callaway GBB Epic Drivers come in.

The aptly-named Epic Drivers help golfers build confidence in their drives. Made with revolutionary Jailbreak Technology, these drivers will help you put an extra 10-20 yards on your drives.

These drivers are also built with lightweight materials to give your ball an explosive launch. This top golf equipment will help you gain greater control of your speed and distance. They will work with your game whether you’re a total novice or the next Jack Nicklaus.

Taylor Made 2018 M Family

You won’t find many lists of “best golf clubs 2018” without references to Taylor Made’s new drivers. The 2018 M Family is the ultimate driver for anyone looking to improve their distance or aim.

Are you one of the many golfers who only drives the ball 250 yards? The M Family can help you improve with its Twist Face Technology.

This revolutionary design will help you deliver maximum strength to your drives. It uses a corrective face angle to help in case you hit the ball off-center.

The M Family also uses Hammerhead technology. This technology delivers maximum speed and forgiveness for any golfer.

You can also adjust these drivers based on your swing. You can customize using weights to alter your trajectory and speed.

Ping G Irons

No list of best golf gear is complete without a reference to irons. Irons can make or break your golf game, so it’s important to focus on your midrange swing.

The new Ping G Irons come with an innovative design to help with ball speed, distance, and carry. Using the COR-Eye technology, the G Irons bring faster speeds and steeper landing angles. Improved landing angles will help your ball hold steady on the green instead of rolling off.

G Irons also have solid weight distribution for ease of use. You won’t labor to get extra distance on your shot. Instead, you’ll feel a fluid shot that gets you plenty of speed and distance.

Odyssey EXO

Are you ready to dominate your short game? Odyssey EXO is some of the best new golf gear on the market.

Odyssey brings forth a dynamic new putter that also uses its classic design. The Odyssey EXO has an outward-facing polymer to go with its traditional technology.

The result is a lightweight putter that is easy to aim. You’ll see improvement in your initial roll without gaining too much speed on the greens. If you need help with your putting speeds or alignment, this is the putter for you.

Nike’s Lunar Control Vapor

Nike’s Lunar Control Vapor shoes are worn by none other than Rory McIlroy. You may not be able to dominate the game quite like the Irishman, but you can don the same signature shoe.

The new Lunar Control Vapor comes with improved traction and a sleek design. Snowmobile tread inspired the new traction method on these shoes. You’ll experience improved balance and tread without sacrificing your swing.

Nike offers unparalleled stability and design with their new shoes. It’s easy to see why the Lunar Control Vapor is some of the best golf equipment for 2018.

Stewart Golf X9 Follow

Not everyone can afford to hire a caddy. But the Stewart Golf X9 Follow offers the next best thing.

The X9 Follow is the latest model from the award-winning X series. This remote controlled bag carrier saves you the hassle of lugging your bags around during a day on the links.

This innovative carrier comes with a “follow mode” that will automatically adjust the speed of its motor to keep pace. It’s also decked out in fun add-ons like Bluetooth technology.

You won’t find a better caddy on the market. Of course, you can always go with the classic strategy of using a golf cart. Check out golf buggy for sale gold coast to find the one for you.

FlightScope’s Mevo

You don’t need to hire an instructor to improve your golf swing. Thanks to new technology, you can improve your swing at the push of a button.

FlightScope’s Mevo is a small device that analyzes golf swings for areas of improvement. It comes with an app that connects directly to your smartphone.

All you have to do is set the Mevo up a few feet behind you before you swing. The Mevo will capture video of your swing for playback.

The Mevo gives detailed statistics like your carry, club speed, ball speed, and distance. It’s a great companion whether you’re at the driving range or out on the course.

FlightScope armed Mevo with a range of functions. You can even track your progress and improvements like a real practice session with an expert. Get this device if you’re looking for tips that can alter your golf game for good.

The Golf Club VR

Virtual reality is a buzzword in the online community. But it’s not often heard around golf communities…until now.

The Golf Club VR lets you take advantage of new technology to improve your golf game. You can put on virtual reality glasses and transport to thousands of different golf courses.

The Golf Club VR even comes with swing analyzers to give you feedback. Looking to get competitive? Try their multiplayer mode and invite your friends.

The Best Golf Gear

The best golf gear can help you on the green, fairway, and rough. Use these tips to dominate the back nine of 2018.

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