how to increase your sex drive

Life Hacks for Your Libido: 9 Healthy Ways to Boost Your Sex Life

Having more sex helps you live longer.

Seriously, the doctor said so!

Regular sex supports your immune system, lowers blood pressure, and decreases your chance of heart attacks. Oh, and it may also reduce the risk of prostate cancer risk while lessening your stress levels and helping you sleep better.

If you ever needed justification for having lots of sex, this is it!

Clearly, there are benefits to a healthy sex life. But it ain’t always that easy.

In fact, at times, low sex drive is a common occurrence in both men and women at times. Approximately 50% of women, for example, have experienced a limited libido in their lifetime.

What’s the solution? How can you get things going during these periods in order to reap the rewards of having sex? Let us help!

Keep reading to discover how to increase your sex drive in a natural, healthy way.

How to Increase Your Sex Drive: 9 Libido Boosting Lifehacks

Ready for action? Standing to attention? Here we go…Check out the following lifehacks that can bring you back to a better sex life.

1. Eat Your Way to Ecstasy

Food’s long been hailed as a means to better sex.

Think of all the exotic aphrodisiacs that budding love makers around the world are encouraged to consume. There’s the debatable “delicacy” of oysters or the Peruvian “natural Viagra,” known as Maca, as two examples that spring to mind.

There’s a mythology around many of these. But thankfully, there’s some science too. For instance, other varieties of aphrodisiac like pumpkin seeds and almonds are full of an amino acid (arginine) which is known to boost blood flow to the genitals!

Likewise, eating great food increases levels of oxytocin in your brain. That’s also known as the “love hormone,” which you need to get sexually aroused.

There’s actually a long list of foody aphrodisiacs to experiment with. Trying searching online for the best and the tastiest ones. Certain foods will also increase your energy — and that can’t hurt either.

2. Sleep Your Way to Success

We’ve seen how sex can help you sleep.

But it turns out that sleep can lead to better sex too. It makes sense. There’s nothing like tiredness to kill the sexual vibes in the bedroom.

It’s a touch ironic though.

Sex helps you sleep and sleep helps your sex. Before you know it, you’ll end up in an amorous sex-sleep spiral. You’ll never leave the bedroom!

3. Pop a Pill to Pleasure Town

You might hesitate about popping a pill to enhance your sex drive. Viagra, for example, has a bit of a bad rep in some circles.

But there’s often a very real physiological reason it comes in handy. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a result of a disrupted flow of blood to the male “appendage,” shall we say.

Viagra helps “improve the flow.”

Viagra doesn’t work for everyone though. Cialis, on the other hand, is the new kid on the block that’s becoming ever more popular. It does a similar thing but has effects that last up to 24 hours.

You can buy Cialis in various places if you want to give it a try.

4. Meditate to Make It Great

Mindfulness is a meditative practice of non-judgmental present moment awareness. And among many benefits, it can help you in the bedroom!

It can be easy to get distracted in the lead-up to orgasm. The work you didn’t do, the friend you’re annoyed with, the pain in your back, etc. Whatever the distraction, it’s reasonable to assume that effortful attention to the present moment’s gonna help.

Likewise, yoga can have a similar effect. It increases your libido as you practice it over time.

5. Acupuncture Primes You For Pleasure

Acupuncture has been used for centuries as a way of enhancing sexual desire.

A range of studies has proven the positive effects for peoples’ libidos. The tiny needles help to relax your body and reduce stress levels, which goes a long way to counteract low sexual drives.

6. Counsel, Communicate, Consummate

A common debate is whether a lack of sexual drive is a physical or mental issue. In reality, it’s often both. But the mental side of things is supposedly far more problematic for women.

Counseling and communication are said to help in a big way. Alone or as a couple, working on the issue with a professional can help. The communication around the situation will break down any emotional barriers and guilt that can accompany low sex drive.

That process itself can go a long way to recovering your libido.

7. Exercise to Energise

Staying physically fit is libido boosting.

Frequent exercise is another tactic you can employ to support your sex drive. Aerobic, cardiovascular exercise is best. It boosts endorphins in your brain, which feels great and can stimulate sexual desire.

Exercise increases blood flow too, helping any ED issues in the process. Likewise, gym goers benefit from a boost to testosterone levels that always comes in handy in the bedroom!

8. Hug It out to Have It Out

Intimacy with your partner is another way to give you a burst of oxytocin in your brain.

The love drug does its work, promoting a feeling of being bonded with each other and helping you on your way to the really fun stuff. Hug frequently, be physically close, hold hands and so on.

Think of it as petting your way to success.

9. Self-stimulate to Set the Stage

Good news! Self-stimulation can also enhance your sex life!

It’s especially true for women. Not only do you begin to learn exactly what you like, but masturbation can also reduce dryness and pain in a woman’s “nether zone,” if that’s an issue affecting your sex life.

It’s also recommended to help women reach orgasm.

Time to Dim the Lights

There you have it: 9 tips for how to increase your sex drive.

Low sex drive can have a negative impact in lots of ways. Moreover, a healthy sex life can be immensely rewarding. For both of these reasons, it can be handy to know how to enhance your drive when things are dwindling.

Try things out, experiment, and find out what works for you. Hopefully, with time and these tips, you’ll rediscover your mojo!

Now we’d like to hear from you. Which technique would you try first to increase your sex drive? Let us know in the comments!

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