5 Pretty Awesome Shed Ideas You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

What’s in your shed right now?

If you’re like many Americans, you’re probably not entirely sure. Most people use their shed as a storage area for miscellaneous items. Over the years, the shed becomes a Pandora’s box of the unknown.

It’s time to transform your shed from simply a storage space to something cooler. This article will give you 5 shed ideas to help your shed shine.

1. Make it a She Shed

A “she shed” is a colloquial term for a shed that belongs to the woman of the house. 

A “she said” is a space for mom to go to get away from everything. You can decorate your she shed however you want. Make it a sanctuary where you can go to relax. 

2. Turn it into an Art Studio

Have you always wanted to practice your artistic skills but haven’t had the space indoors?

Your shed could be the perfect location to start painting. Add windows to your shed so you get more natural light.

Then, set up your easel and paints and turn your shed into your artistic haven.

3. Make it a Game Room

It’s nice to have an area where you can get away and just play. 

Turn your shed into a game room by setting up game stations. You can have a wall for all your boardgames. You can have a pool or ping-pong table in the corner.

Whatever your favorite games are, you can play them in your game shed. This will also get the clutter of your games out of your house. 

4. Use it as a Guest Room

If you’re someone who often has family and friends coming to stay with you, you need a proper guest room.

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Converting your shed into a guest room is a way to make sure your guests have some privacy. Make your guest room extra comfortable with a plush mattress, and relaxing furniture. Your guests will feel like they’re on vacation instead of like they’re invading your space.

5. Make it a Gym

Why buy an expensive gym membership when you can convert your shed into your own home gym?

The shed is a perfect place to work out because it’s isolated from the rest of the house. You won’t annoy your family by grunting too loud while you lift weights. Plus, it’s easy to leave the shed door open when it’s nice outside so you can enjoy the weather.

We Hope You Enjoyed These Shed Ideas 

If you’ve been staring at your shed in dismay wondering what to do with it, we hope these shed ideas have helped you think of something.

There are countless ways you can transform your industrial shed from being an island of misfit household items to being a useful part of your property. Think of what interests you and how you can incorporate those interests into your shed.

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