The 5 Best Tips for Getting in Shape (Even If You’re a Couch Potato)

You know what they say, “New year, new you.”

Most of us every year set big goals for ourselves. Maybe we want to learn a new skill, grow closer with a relative, or travel the world. Maybe we just want to lose weight. 

Unfortunately, we start out strong but our motivation fades away. Losing weight can be difficult, but it feels so good as you get closer to your goal. Don’t let yourself lose sight of where you want to be in this upcoming new year.

Below are 5 tips for getting in shape. Make sure you keep reading if you’re ready to make a healthy lifestyle change. 

1. Plan Ahead

Simple routine things like brushing our teeth are easy because we do it all the time. Forcing yourself to exercise or eat healthy can be a whole new challenge when getting in shape. 

To help your future self, do things in the present to work towards your goal. If you know you need to go to the gym tomorrow, go ahead now and pack yourself a gym bag and place it by the door.

If you need a helping hand in healthy eating, go ahead now and pack yourself snacks for the next few days. While that may mean breaking out the cutting board now, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

Don’t worry! There are tons of yummy recipes you can easily prepare for the next few days. 

2. Start Slow

Some people swear by going cold turkey, but that can easily lead to burnout. Instead, set small attainable goals that can easily be reached and move you towards your overarching goal.

For example, set the goal of exercising 3 days this week. Once you get used to that, work up to 5 days. 

If you want to eat healthier, don’t start by only eating salads for every meal. Tell yourself you’ll add a certain amount of fresh produce per day and not drink soda.

3. Treat Yourself

Getting in shape can be tough, and it’s okay to reward your efforts. Of course, don’t reward yourself with junk food.

Instead, try buying yourself a new pair of wireless headphones for your daily jog. Tell yourself you’re going to take a hot bubble bath after an intense workout. 

If you don’t know what wireless headphones to get, don’t worry. Check out these great options at 10desires.com.

4. Do the Little Things

Sometimes we don’t realize how much the little things can add up in our lives. Whether it’s taking a stroll the block or drinking an extra glass of water, little things can help while getting in shape. 

If you have an office job, it’s always a good idea to get up and walk around every hour or so. We often don’t realize how sedentary we really are.

5. Make It Fun

Many of us don’t reach our goals because we become bored of the process. Take some time to experiment and see what you love.

Try out a spin class or do some yoga. Cook with grilled chicken or season some shrimp. Whatever you love, do it!

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be a boring process.

Tips for Getting In Shape

While it isn’t always the easiest task, getting in shape is very rewarding. To have more fun and help yourself out, make sure you read the five tips above.

Between taking more time to exercise, helping your future self, and eating healthy, you’ll be on the right track. Also, don’t forget to sleep and relax. Stress can cause you to lose progress towards your goal.

If you need more tips, tricks, or hacks, check out the rest of our site.