Spoil Your Furry Friend: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Dogs are man’s best friend.

And women and everyone else in between. Why? They don’t ask for much and they live to give you love/cuddles. Make their lives long and happy in exchange.

Want to know the most impactful ways to keep your dog happy? read more below.

1. Push Their Minds

Have you seen those treat dispensing puzzle toys for dogs? Most of the time you see them at pet stores or see a funny video of a dog using them on Facebook.

Well, we’re here to tell you they’re not a gimmick or a waste of money. Ever heard of the saying use it or lose it? It applies to both humans and dogs brain power.

The more you challenge your dog’s brain, the smarter they’ll get. It can also help boost brain activity in puppies and older dogs. There’s really no reason not to have one of these toys for your dog.

2. Three a Day

Many people work all day and take their dogs on a morning and afternoon walk. But three play sessions (walking included) are ideal a day.

If you can squeeze in another walk, great, but you can also stay in the backyard. Throw a ball for your dog or get an interactive dog toy.

Playing is a great form of exercise and it’ll keep your dog happy and healthy longer.

3. Don’t Skip the vet

This one sounds self-explanatory but sometimes life gets busy and the vet gets expensive. Your dog needs to go to the vet at least once a year if not once every six months.

Just like with humans, catching a health issue, in the beginning, is always cheaper than finding out about it once it’s advanced. Normal vet visits will make sure you catch anything your furry friend develops.

Find a good vet that you like and feel comfortable leaving your dog with. Some vet clinics will do an exam and board your dog if you’re going out of town. They can apply a flea treatment for dogs while you’re on a flight. 

That way you catch two birds with one stone.

4. Swap Foods

Some dogs are picky eaters – so if you have to beg your dog to eat that food you can only get across town – skip this tip. But if your dog is a good eater, have a few dry foods you can swap out.

Your dog needs different food groups, just like you. Either buy them a super-food dog food or switch foods every once and a while to cover their nutrient needs range.

5. Tell Them You Love Them

Dogs don’t understand our words exactly, but they do understand sentiments. Make sure to always tell your dog you love them in a special way – maybe a specific place you scratch while you say the words.

do it before you leave the house and when you get home after being away for a while. They need to know you love them too!

How to Keep Your Dog Happy

Dogs are simple. They want food, shelter, water, toys, and all of your love. Make sure you can give them all of that before you get a dog or even another one.

Keep them up on their shots and flea treatments as well. Follow these tips and you’ll have one dog happy life!

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