C is for Community: The Best Recovery Blogs and Forums for Addicts

Have you recently gotten over an addiction? Congratulations! It’s not easy to do.

If you want to continue living a sober life, reading sobriety and recovery blogs is a great place to start. Check out this list of popular recovery blogs.

Sobrietea Party

This blog follows the journey of Tawny Lara, who’s swapped drinking alcohol for tea. She talks about the difficulties of staying sober during events like weddings and during holidays. Her blog also talks about yoga and meditation.

That Sober Life

That Sober Life is a great site that contains the personal stories and recollections of addicts and those affected by addiction.

The site also contains a lot of harm reduction advice, particularly in relation to opiates. That Sober Life often promotes the drug Narcan, which can save your life in the event of a heroin overdose.


Like many sober blogs, Jean McCarthy started Unpickled the very day she got sober. She’s been writing the blog ever since.

When you read Unpickled from the beginning, it shows every step of the recovery process. This makes it a great blog to read along as you go through your own recovery.

The Miracle of the Mundane

This is a blog that contains honest and genuine reflections on addiction and recovery. Not only is Mark Goodson a great writer, but he also keeps his website constantly updated with new content.

In addition to writing about addiction and recovery, he also writes poetry.

The Sober Senorita

Kelly Fitzgerald is the Sober Senorita and she would describe herself as a reformed party girl. Kelly believes that sober living is an act of self love.

Not only does Kelly write this blog, but she also writes for major publications, such as the Huffington Post.

Sober Courage

Are you one of many people who thinks they need alcohol to do things they could never do on their own? Then Sober Courage is for you.

Magz Shores provides resources to help you get and stay sober through difficult events. For example, the site has “Friday night pep talks” to help you get through the weekend without drinking.

Last Call

Last Call is a deep and honest recollection of alcohol and cocaine addiction. Written by Nancy Carr, this blog describes her sober life and offers some illuminating insights into recovery.

Forums and Social Networks

Forums and social networks are great places to share your story with like-minded people. When you’re going through a tough time, forums can give you the support of strangers and help you to make it through.


Reddit is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. There are many sober living and harm reduction communities where you can learn the side effects and the dangers of drugs.

Some examples of good addiction subreddits include /r/sober and /r/stopdrinking.

Take the First Step by Reading Recovery Blogs

Sometimes, all it takes to start your journey towards recovery is to read a simple post on one of the recovery blogs. Or by making one yourself. Whatever you choose to do, it can be very therapeutic and keep you in recovery.

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