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5 Top Business Intelligence Tools for Better Data Interpretation

Data is a word on everyone’s mind, no matter what industry. And if you’re not using data to your advantage, you’re missing out. 

Business intelligence tools are there to help us make sense of the data we collect. These are no longer an option for businesses; they’re a necessity for those who want to understand their business and customers better. 

Here’s our list of the best business intelligence tools out there. Read on to learn how they can help your business better read and interpret data. 

What Are Business Intelligence Tools?

Common business intelligence tools offer companies streamlined access to data interpretation and data-based decision making. 

The power business intelligence tools bring to companies is unmissable. The software works to interpret, analyze, and visualize large amounts of data. It provides companies interactive reports, predictive analysis, and actionable insights. 

If your company collects, processes, or deals with data in any way, shape, or form, you will enjoy business intelligence tools. 

Best Business Intelligence Tools

Prepare to access untapped data, experience personalized business strategies, and make the most of your data with any of the tools listed below.

1. Power BI

Power Bi is Microsoft’s business intelligence platform. Power Bi is web-based. So instead of downloading a program, you would access this software through a web portal. 

Microsoft is the only company to offer free business intelligence tools. The first tier of Power Bi is completely free and functional.  

2. Tableau 

It is worth taking the time to find out about Power Bi vs Tableau, as these are two huge contributors to the BI industry.

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Tableau, owned by Salesforce, hones in on the visualization of data. Bringing together real-time analysis to its reports, Tableau offers live visual analytics you can interact with. 

Tableau works with almost every type of data storage, from Excel to PDF files. 

3. Knowi

Knowi is a company that has been around for a while, but only recently started offering a business intelligence tool. Knowi stands apart from its competitors with its ability to analyze unstructured data.

Other business intelligence tools need an organized format to follow to analyze the structured data. But Knowi has found a way around this by discovering a way to connect its tool directly to NoSQL databases

4. SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects was made to handle intensive data reporting, analysis, and visualization. Complete compatibility with Microsoft Office allows for a business to create live presentations that connect to cloud and on-premise storage. 

SAP BusinessObjects focuses on the client-side of business categories like CRM or customer engagement. But it also works in many other areas as well. 

5. QlikView

QlikView is only one of the business intelligence tools offered by Qlik. 

QlikView aims to bring faster development and better-guided analytics. Its platform eliminates the risk of data loss and is a great resource for sharing business intelligence reports.  

BI Tools and You

By now, the benefits of business intelligence tools in the workplace should be clear: better insights, better-connected data, and a better understanding of how your business works. 

Business intelligence tools are a must for those looking to make target growth with their company. 

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