Small Solar Power Generator

Power Wherever You Go: Is Getting a Small Solar Power Generator Worth it?

Every outdoor person has been there. You’re camping or hiking and your phone dies. It can be the worst feeling. What if you get in trouble and can’t call anyone for help?

This is where a small solar power generator will come in handy. Whether you’re in the woods or on the road, they can help to keep all of your devices charged and ready to go. Keep reading to find out how solar power works and how it can help you.

How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar power uses energy from the sun to generate electricity for us to use. The sun generates energy through a process called nuclear fusion. Temperatures and pressures are so high at the sun’s core that particles collide at very high speeds.

When loose protons collide with each other, they stick together and form helium nuclei. This process releases more energy than it needs to occur, so the extra energy becomes light that eventually reaches us on Earth.

When that light reaches us, solar panels convert it into electricity that we can use. Most solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells. This just means they are able to convert light into electricity.

Photovoltaic cells consist of layers of semiconductors. Typically, these are silicon that has been treated, or doped, so that it contains impurities of different elements.

One layer contains extra phosphorous which gives it extra electrons and a negative charge. The other layer contains extra boron which gives the silicon fewer electrons and a positive charge.

When light from the sun hits the solar panel, electrons are knocked off from their atoms and are guided to one place where they become the electricity we use.

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Benefits of a Small Solar Power Generator

There can be many benefits of a portable solar power generator. If you’re camping or traveling around in an RV, they can be important for providing power to all of your devices.

They can be great for emergencies when you need extra power but don’t have access to any fuel source. The energy they provide is all around us for free from the sun.

This makes solar energy clean and renewable. In addition, it doesn’t release harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Small solar generators are also quiet and easy to clean and maintain.

They can also be used at home. A solar power generator for home can help to alleviate the expense of your power bill. You can also use it in the case of power outages to keep your electronics working.

If you think a portable solar power generator might be right for you, check out these reviews on solar kits for more information.

Next Steps

Now that you know all about small solar power generators, feel free to do some research on your own and decide if portable solar power is right for you.

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