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7 Interesting Facts About Marriage

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Marriage is a beautiful and amazing affair that binds two wonderful people together. However, the pandemic not only did a number on society’s health but also on everyone’s marital relationships, too. As challenging as it is, marriage still gives you strength as you walk through life, together.

To lighten up the mood, let’s look at some of the most interesting facts about marriage.

1. Put a Ring on the Ring Finger

Why do we wear our rings on our fourth finger on the left hand? This tradition dates way, way back to ancient Egyptian times. Many believed the vein on the ring finger,  Vena Amoris, leads directly to your heart. 

However, other countries like Greece and Poland believe the right hand is more suitable for weddings. Within the LGBTQ+ community, rings on the right hand symbolize uniqueness from the traditional straight marriages. 

2. Till Divorce Do Us Part

Getting married is an important event in our life, but the average length of U.S. marriage only last about 8.2 years!

When it comes to the rest of the world, the average length varies a lot. The country where the marriages last the longest belongs to Italy, with a whopping average of 18 years. Qatar only has an average of 5.5 years and a 38% high divorce rate. 

3. Ghost Weddings

Did you know you can marry a dead person in South Korea and France? This is possible as long as you have enough evidence that shows they indeed intended to get married to you while still alive.

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A French woman underwent a posthumous marriage when the man who asked to marry her died two days later. Many ghost weddings like this have taken place under French law every year. 

4. The Rise of Interracial Marriages

At one point, the U.S. Supreme Court once ruled interracial marriages illegal. 

Since June 1967, there’s a small yet noticeable increase in intermarriage in America. Asians and Hispanics are far the most likely to intermarry, along with Whites and Hispanics marrying as one of the most common ones. 

5. The Green Card

If you’re Asian and married to an American, this is your ticket to be a permanent resident in the United States. The green card lets you work and live legally anywhere in the country. You can even qualify for U.S. citizen after at least 3 years or so. 

Are you interested to know more about the green card? Here’s a simple guide about getting a green card and the legalities that come with it. 

6. Cohabitation Before Marriage

You can’t deny the divorce rate is increasing in America, every 13 seconds there’s a divorce happening. There are a lot of reasons, but cohabitation before marriage is one of the most linked risks of divorce. 

Studies found that couples who live together and got married between the ages of 28 to 32 are less likely to separate. The real problems lie with marrying too early, financial instability, and unintended pregnancies.

7. Fear of Getting Married

Gamophobia is the intense, irrational fear of commitment and marriage.

This includes panicking or drifting away whenever marriage got brought up. It’s a real condition destroying relationships and affects the lives of many people to this day. 

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Facts About Marriage Everyone Should Know

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