Memory Care for Aging Parents

What You Should Know About Memory Care for Aging Parents

The more time you spend around Mom, the more you realize her mind is not what it used to be. And you’re beginning to worry.

You’re not alone.

More than 400,000 Canadians who are at least 65 years of age are diagnosed with dementia. And with today’s aging population growing, it’s expected that this number will only crease in the years ahead.

Unfortunately, caring for an aging loved one can be tough if they’re starting to show cognitive decline. Fortunately, though, memory care services/facilities are available to help both you and your loved one.

Here’s a rundown on what you should know about memory care for aging parents.

Let’s jump in!

Memory Care Services Offer Many Benefits

No two individuals who are experiencing cognitive decline have the exact same experience. In light of this, memory care service providers offer personalized care and attention to aging loved ones when struggling with cognitive decline. 

When you choose a reputable care provider, you can expect your loved one’s caregiver to be specially trained and carefully vetted to meet their needs.

Memory care services also help to promote the security and safety of individuals suffering from cognitive decline. This is critical considering that wandering remains a top concern among caregivers.

When your loved one is at home, you may have a hard time preventing them from getting lost due to wandering. However, in a facility that provides memory support, outdoor and indoor spaces will be monitored around the clock to keep your loved one safe.

Note that tracking devices that are wearable can also be used to keep your family member safe. Likewise, the facility can use an emergency response system to further safeguard your loved one.

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What to Look for in Memory Care Facilities

When searching for a memory care facility, be sure to choose one that offers basic services, such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and laundry. However, the provider should also be able to give your loved one special medical care.

Also, make sure that your chosen memory care facility can assist your loved one in their daily activities. 

Note that certain therapies and activities may also be useful for promoting a link between your loved one and their favorite hobbies and interests.

Also, keep in mind that some communities that offer senior living support focus only on memory care. Meanwhile, other communities have memory care units in their own areas.

A retirement living guide service can help you to choose the right care provider for your loved one’s needs. This service will take the steps needed to make sure that your family member ends up in a place that feels like home.

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