Wooden Toys

What Are the Benefits of Wooden Toys for Your Baby?

As parents, we want the best for our children. Childhood is a time that we don’t get back, and one predominant aspect of every kid’s childhood should be the toys they play with. In fact, on average, the typical American kid has somewhere around the figure of 233 toys.

But what should parents do to make sure the toys their child is playing with are good for them? More and more parents are opting to provide their kids with wooden toys instead of the plastic variety. Why?

There are many reasons to consider, and here are a few of them. 

Wooden Toys Are Generally Safer

Ever heard of BPA? How about PVC? No, we are not referring to your child’s delightful rendition of the alphabet.

Parents searching for more information about toys learn very quickly about these letters. BPA (Bisphenol A) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are components of plastic that are used in many household and construction items. While you might find the standard pipe in your house composed of these synthetic ingredients, it turns into a whole new ballgame when the toys your baby is gumming on contains it as well.

These toxic chemicals can cause adverse health consequences in your little one — a problem you avoid completely with wooden baby toys!

Better Bang For Your Buck

Another benefit of buying wooden toys for kids is the long-term cost. Why can we say that?

Generally, wooden toys are durable and can last several lifetimes. Take the cost to replace toys that get easily broken because of cheap plastic parts. And now compare THAT with a wooden toy that can sustain a lot of rough play — you get the picture.

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In fact, some families have been able to hand down their children’s wooden toys from generation to generation. Unlike the latest toy fad that is here today and in the trash tomorrow, these remarkable heirlooms are timeless, encourage imagination, and provide hours of playtime.

In reality, wooden toys are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Good For the Environment

What happens to plastic when it is thrown away and deposited in a landfill? More likely than not, it can sit there, taking up space, for many years. And with the hundreds of thousands of plastic being dumped every year, landfills get full and cause problems for the environment.

Compare that with the natural eco-friendly wooden toy. Since wood is natural and not synthetic, it does not take even half as long for wooden toys to disintegrate. And because of how biodegradable and easy to recycle they are, wooden toys have less of an environmental impact on the earth than plastic toys.

The Type of Toy That Brings Many Benefits

Safety, budget, and environmental-conscious moms and dads find that wooden toys provide many benefits. So whether you’re starting to look for some blocks for Junior or want to fill up that wooden toy box passed down from Grandpa, you’re sure to help your kids find hours of fun.

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