CBD edibles

How To Take CBD Edibles For Relaxation

You’ve definitely heard about it…Cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere these days. Did you know that it’s available in a vast variety of CBD edibles?

CBD comes from cannabis plants, and its full name is cannabidiol. It’s mostly found in the hemp varieties of cannabis, and it’s most common use is medicinal. For treating a wide range of pains, disorders, and symptoms.

However, unlike it’s more popular cannabinoid THC, CBD won’t get you high as it’s no-psychoactive. CBD edibles are a great way to get your medical dose safely.

Why Use CBD?

CBD is most commonly used for therapeutic purposes. It reportedly encourages relaxation and acts an anti-anxiety or sleep aid for sufferers. Users will experience a lightness in their body without becoming muddled or altering their state of mind – as would typically happen with THC consumption.

CBD has practically no side effects.

The most common uses for CBD include suppressing and treating anxiety disorders, chronic pain, posttraumatic stress disorder, nausea, epileptic seizures, rheumatoid arthritis and general muscle and joint pain. CBD has even been shown to attack and inhibit cancer cells in some cases. CBD can also help with panic attacks if you’ve tried all the other options.

Can’t I Just Smoke It?

Of course, like THC, you can easily smoke CBD. Although, most people would accept that eating is healthier than smoking. Smoking brings the added harm of smoke and tar (even in small amounts) inhalation and can even have added carcinogen exposure depending on the type of paper used.

The effect of consuming cannabidiol edibles also lasts much longer, up to several hours in some cases, than smoking or vaporizing. And for sufferers of the aforementioned issues, the duration of pain relief is the most important thing.

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CBD for Pleasure

While you’ll only be disappointed if you’re consuming CBD edibles to get high, you can definitely get pleasure from the lightness of body and general focus you’ll feel. CBD is best described as bringing you back into yourself and allowing you to be fully present in the moment. Sounds pretty pleasurable.

Types of CBD Edibles

There are three common edibles; gastrointestinal, oral and hybrid. Each one will have a different effect and offers a slightly different experience. To get an idea of the huge variety on offer have a look at Well Spring CBD where you can buy CBD edibles.


Typically sold as food products or pills, the CBD in these is absorbed through the stomach. They are the slowest to kick in fully, taking up to two hours. Although the effects typically last much longer than the other types of edibles. Some reports suggesting they provide up to eight hours of relief.


With oral edibles, the CBD is absorbed directly through the mouth. Typically these edibles come in the form of gum, lollipops, hard candies or mints. They tend to kick in immediately but wear off much quicker than gastrointestinal edibles. Expect the sensation to last two to three hours.


When it comes to hybrids such as infused chocolates or drinks, the CBD is absorbed through both the stomach and the mouth. These edible usually take effect within thirty minutes and often last around four hours.


So there you have it, how and why to chow down on some CBD edibles. Remember that this isn’t going to get you high as a kite, it will help you relax and bring you into the present moment. Check your method of uptake for the expected duration of your sensation.

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