10 Design Tips for Modern Business Cards

What’s one of the best ways to seal the deal with a prospective client? A firm handshake, a captivating smile, and a slip of the ‘ol business card.

But, when you hand your business card to someone, do you want them to say thanks and slip it into their briefcase without a second glance? Or do you want it to catch their eye while you hear them say, “Wow! What a great card!”

A response like that will continue the conversation, further solidifying your business in their memory bank. Modern business cards are a tiny canvas and we’d like to help you make the most of them. Ready to put your design hat on?

Embrace Color

Did you know a brightly colored business card is ten times more likely to be kept by a prospective client than a non-colorful business card? Aside from the “pretty” factor, colors are associated with a host of different emotions.

So, your baby pink card might signify soft femininity, while your orange business card might represent cheery optimism. It’s worth examining the science behind color psychology as you make decisions amongst a rainbow of emotive colors.

Embrace Your Quirky Side

Have you ever left a trade show or a business meeting with a ton of paperwork? You’ve got flyers, white papers, brochures, and business cards coming out the wazoo.

Which business card are you more likely to take notice of? The plain white, rectangular card, or the more modern business cards that look like a travel postcard, or a playing card, or a luggage tag?

While color, shape, and texture all matter, they can each be incorporated into something that says, “Hey, I’ve got something no one else out there has.”

Try a Different Material

What’s the standard business card printed on? Cardstock. Why not be more original than cardstock? You can print on all kinds of different materials these days.

This includes plastic, metal, wood, and even slate! If you’re a contractor in the business of creating dream kitchens, why not create a business card out of slate? We’re sure that’ll leave a mark in the minds of prospective clients.

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Get Textured

While a different material is a great starting point for uniqueness, why not take things one step further? We definitely recommend considering a die-cut process.

For example, the lettering of your business name can be cut into the card, creating a different surface area. You can also round out the corners of your card or cut shapes into it. This creates an interesting architectural element that will captivate your future clients.

Change Shapes

While you’re getting textured with your die-cut process, why not explore some truly unique and eye-catching shapes?

You can transform your generic rectangular card into a pyramid. Or, if you’re a florist, you can change the shape into a silhouette of your favorite flower.

Again, dealing with a company who’s well-versed in die-cuts will allow you to morph an ordinary business card into something truly memorable.

Consider Your Grid-work

If you don’t want to change the shape of your business card too much, then consider your grid-work when laying out your card. Structuring your business card within the confines of some type of grid-work creates a balanced look that will be easy to read.

So, let’s say you break your business card into five grids. The section with your business name might be a slightly larger grid. Your phone number and address may be equally prominent. Then, perhaps your Twitter and Facebook handle will be included, in a slightly smaller space.

Business owners often want a business card template that’s both eye-catching and simplistic, and there’s plenty of inspiration out there to help get you started.

Choose a Great Photo

Pictures will always tell a story, and sometimes better than words. While one side of your business card will display a neat and tidy grid to showcase your contact information, why not get photographic on the other side?

You definitely don’t want to leave the backside of your card blank. What a wasted opportunity. See if you can overlay your business name over a pertinent image without getting too “busy.”

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Don’t Forget Your Logo

Remember the early days of business planning? Designing your logo was probably quite the feat. Now, it’s displayed prominently on your website and business signage.

Don’t forget to extend that uniformity to your business card. Somewhere near your business name, see if there’s room for your logo. The business logos that are done right are often more memorable than the business name itself!

Consider Typography

Are you a wordsmith? If your business has something to do with creating content or writing, why not consider typography on one side of your card?

With a bright splash of color as your background, bold font in a simple typographic layout can really make a statement.

If you have a great tagline or something you’d like to say, feel free to utilize the back of your modern business cards for some typographic action.

Be Brave

Whether you choose bright, bold colors, interesting photography, or shape-changing genius, remember to be brave. As with all your marketing tactics, you want to stand tall above the crowd.

Even in a digital world, modern business cards still have their place. They’re still the gateway to getting people to visit your website, follow you on Instagram, or send you a line. So, when faced with two choices, be brave, be bold, and choose the most unique business card possible.

Modern Business Cards for the Modern Mogul

Here at What Your Boss Thinks, we’re all about workplace productivity. Why not do everything we can to streamline our organization? All that does is leave room for a life outside of work.

In truth, the two go hand in hand and that’s what we’re here to promote. So, as you gear up to design a stack of modern business cards for the ages, we hope you’ll spend some time with us, creating a blueprint for a lifetime of success and happiness.