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Be Ready for Anything With This List of Important Phone Numbers

When you find yourself in a pickle, do you know who to call? Probably not Ghostbusters.

If you have a list of important phone numbers in your phone, you’re ahead of the 60% of Americans who have no plan for emergencies.

In addition, a startling 42% of people who own cell phones did not know their family’s phone numbers and were lacking a disaster preparedness plan.

Don’t get caught blindsided during an emergency. A natural first step is making a list of important phone numbers.

How to Store Your Important Phone Numbers

In an emergency, everything needs to run as smoothly as possible.

Have a printable sheet in plain sight in your home. Create a list on your computer (make it easily readable for everyone!) and save it in case the numbers for specific departments change. Print out the list, laminate it for protection and keep it on your fridge.

When you’re on the go, it’s likely you store these numbers in your mobile phone. However, in an emergency, technology isn’t always dependable. Consider printing out each number, laminating them, and storing them on a book ring to keep in your glove compartment.

Talk With Your Children About Important Phone Numbers

Children are smarter than we give them credit for.

Reviewing emergency numbers with them helps them handle emergencies should they need to. Point out the most important phone numbers you think they should know and go over a plan periodically to ensure they understand.

Important Phone Numbers for Emergencies

Here’s a list of important phone numbers you need. Add more as you see fit.


It’s critical to remember to dial 911 first during an actual emergency. The dispatchers are trained to handle emergency calls and know the correct action to take.

ICE Numbers

ICE is an acronym for In Case of Emergency and acts as your emergency contact list. First responders can view this number in your phone should you’re in trouble. List more than one person in case your first choice (like your spouse) does not respond. Store these numbers in your wallet, or glove compartment in your car in case your phone is damaged.

Poison Control

Probably the number one phone number you need in your list of emergency contact numbers, especially if you have children. You don’t want to waste time Googling this number if your child chugs cleaner.

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Family Members

You probably already have these stored on your phone, but keeping them posted on your fridge or another place in your home for caregivers or sitters is wise if they cannot reach you during an emergency.

Your Phone Number

You already know your phone number, but a caregiver or sitter may not. Confirm that they know it or know how to find it.

Animal Poison Control

If you suspect your pet has ingested potential poison, Animal Poison Control can help you walk through symptoms, and what your next steps should be in helping your pet.

Local Veterinarian Office

Pets have emergencies, too. Make sure you have your vet’s number in case you encounter a problem with your pet.

Doctors/Pediatricians Offices

The number to your primary care doctor or pediatrician is a no-brainer. Make sure you list the after-hours number in case you need assistance outside of office hours


Don’t let a cracked tooth ruin your weekend. Keep your dentist in your list of emergency numbers.

Water Company

Broken pipes in front of your house? Call the water company to alert them, or to gain more information about other water hazards.

Local Police Department

Find the closest police department near you and list this number to report anything suspicious in your neighborhood.

Local Fire Department

Fire departments provide other services other than putting out fires. They can respond in flood, snow and ice storms, car accidents, and electrical outages. Ask them about education on proper car seat installation, CPR training, and installing your carbon monoxide detector.

If your location doesn’t have a fire department, find the number to the EMS.

Local Highway Patrol

Be a good citizen and alert your highway patrol of a person stranded on the side of the road.

Gas/Electric Company

Use this number to report the smell of gas or outage of electricity in your area and to stay updated on electrical work happening in your area.

Roadside Assistance

Don’t be alone during a flat tired or broken engine. Look into roadside assistance programs for help.

Insurance Agents

Home and automobile emergencies need the advice and insight of an insurance agent. Call them for information on filing claims and other needs. If your personal agent is not available, ask if the company has a specific number to call during emergencies.

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Animal Control

Do you want your child or neighbor getting attacked by a stray dog, cat, or bear? Nope. Report them to animal control.

Closest Hospital or Urgent Care

For true emergencies, always know the number to the hospital in closest proximity to you. However, for things like sprained ankles, x-rays, or other illnesses, sometimes the urgent care is a better choice. They can see you during hours when your doctor’s office is closed.


Can you see your keys inside your locked car? Call the locksmith!


Be a good neighbor! Begin establishing a good relationship with your neighbors and exchange phone numbers with them (or more than one!) and help keep your neighborhood safe.


Sometimes emergencies demand legal action. Contact your lawyer’s office if you need legal help. If you need a phone number for an attorney, visit this website.


An overflowing toilet or broken faucet can lead to more serious home repairs if not properly handled. Call your plumber for this or any other piping needs!


Running late or caught the flu? Need someone to cover your shift? Seeing our coworkers and our boss is a daily occurrence. Keep these numbers handy because you may need them more than you think!

Download FEMA App

The FEMA App alerts you of weather changes, survival tips, and local shelters if you find yourself stranded or in trouble.

Parish/Church Leaders

During times of crisis, having a church family on your side can help ease the pain


Being well prepared can sometimes mean the difference between life or death. These important phone numbers pave the way for helping you understand more about all the possible routes to take in a sticky situation or emergency.

Start taking inventory of the most important phone numbers and tailor that list to your needs today. Store them on your phone and at home so they’re always accessible.

Keep these numbers close and may you never have to use them.

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