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5 Tips For Cleaning Vinyl Siding This Summer

When Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home”, she was talking about the outside as well. Image is everything. The is true for the exterior of your home.

While the weather’s nice, it’s time get outside, do some yard maintenance, and clean the outside of your home. That means cleaning vinyl siding.

Although vinyl siding is low-maintenance, it attracts dirt and stains. And depending on the geographical location of your home, siding can get stained pretty fast. Summer is a good time to get it cleaned.

Check out our 5 tips for cleaning vinyl siding this Summer.

1. Pressure Cleaning Vinyl Siding

One of the simplest do-it-yourself ways to clean dirt and stains off vinyl siding is by pressure washing. You can use a regular garden hose with a power spray nozzle or a pressure washer.

Before you begin, inspect the siding. Walk around your home looking for cracks and tears in the vinyl. Make note of any that need replacing. Also, make sure you close all the windows and ensure the weather strip under all the doors are up-to-date.

When washing the vinyl:

  • Add vinyl-safe soap cleanser into the pressure washing reservoir. If you’re using a water hose, add the cleanser to a garden sprayer. You may use a bleach solution to save money, but use it with precaution.
  • Spray down the vinyl with the soapy solution at a 45-degree angle. Avoid spraying upward and do not direct the spray behind the panels or between the laps. Doing so could cause damage to the vinyl.
  • Rinse the siding. Switch to a general tip on the wand of the pressure washer and cleanse the soap and loose dirt from the vinyl siding.
  • Towel dry the reachable areas, wiping away any left-over dirt and stains.
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To rinse with a regular hose, detach the hose from the garden sprayer and reattach it to the water source.

2. Bucket and Rag Method

You can clean your vinyl like you clean your car–with a bucket of cleaner and a rag. It’s a little more time-consuming but this way will ensure a thorough cleaning.

Fill a large bucket with water and soap concentrate. Using a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles, start from the bottom of the home. Work your way up, rinsing as you go along. Be sure not to allow the cleanser to dry on the panel.

3. Do a Sunset Wash

The summer sun is awesome for doing DIY projects around the home. But it can be problematic for chores like cleaning siding.

Washing vinyl siding in the sun could cause the wet vinyl to warp or melt. Wait until the sun sets and the day cools before giving your siding a good wash.

4. Clean in Sections

If you’re doing the job alone, try washing and rinsing in sections to make sure you’re not missing any spots.

Start in the back of your home then make your way to the front, cleaning in 10×10 sections.

5. Stick to a Schedule

Good siding, like Guardian, only requires cleaning once a year. But, if you live in an area with a lot of trees or somewhere prone to dust storms, dirt accumulates quick.

Dirty vinyl brings down the aesthetics of a nice-looking home. Give your siding a nice rinse from top to bottom once a month during the summer to keep it maintained.

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Wash Your Vinyl

Cleaning vinyl siding is important in maintaining the value of your home. The outside is the first thing people see when they drive up. Keep in sparkling.

Schedule a weekend to get up and tackle the chore of cleaning your siding.

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