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The Top 8 Kid’s Fashion Trends for 2018

After a seemingly endless winter, Spring has finally sprung in all of its earthly glory. Along with this renewed sense of spirit comes some of the best new kids clothing trends we’ve seen in a while. Whether you’re ready to invest in some serious haute couture for your little one or you’re just browsing for inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

As a generational shift in retail emerges this year, it’s important to know who is fueling our economy. Forbes reports millennial parents are major players this year in the retail shopping game, spending approximately $200 billion.

Although luxury children’s designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy are increasing in popularity and demand, so are ready-to-wear brands like Target and Gap Kids. So no matter what your budget is, creating Spring kids fashion trends is going to be a breeze with our helpful guide.

Eight 2018 Kids’ Fashion Trends to Love

If your child has had a growth spurt or maybe they just need a wardrobe refresh, there are plenty of fun spring trends to experiment with. This season is all about putting the fun in functional fashion, so take a look at the hottest boys and girls fashion trends to try below.


Girls’ Spring fashion trends were delightfully feminine this time around. Not only were the details delicate and frilly, but the colors were, too. But this trend also got amped up with a ton of edgy graphics to balance out the super sweet vibe.

8. Florals

Although Spring florals can sometimes be a predictable trend, when it comes to 2018, these rules were meant to be broken. Designers are cranking up the fun factor and creating all sorts of floral fashion trends for kids. From delicate embroidered pastel posies to bold, splashy colors and graphics, these punchy florals are fun and carefree.

7. Rainbow Pastels

When it comes to choosing these soft pastel hues, think saltwater taffy and sherbet. Pair a soft pink top and a lavender skirt together for a super sweet look or try a pale blue dress with silver sandals. Or simply blend the trend into your little one’s everyday look with pastel accessories like headbands and purses.

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6. Lace, Eyelet, and Tulle

Feminine frills are front row and center in this season’s ultra-feminine look. The trend makes a subtler appearance like a lacy collar and pocket details. Or amp up the girl power vibe in head-to-toe layers of pastel tulle.

There are no rules here, though. The important thing to remember is to have fun with this pretty trend and embrace whatever look your little girl loves. View here for some more of these gorgeous looks to try!


A classic color palette of neutral earth tones and varying shades of blue round out the hottest boys’ trends of the season. Add a few bright pops of color into the mix and you’ve got the makings of a Spring wardrobe that makes functional fashion look good.

5. Patches

Patches were a big hit on the runway this season and with good reason. Not only are they a fun way to express your child’s individuality, but patches also tell the world about the things your child enjoys like a hobby or a sport. This trend was spotted on every type of clothing imaginable, so the skies the limit with creativity.

And if you can’t find your child’s favorite look, buy the patch individually and sew it onto their favorite shirt, jeans, or jacket.

4. Tromp l’oeil Details

This super fun trend is based on tromp l’oeil, an art technique that creates realistic optical illusions in three-dimensional form. This lighthearted look is typically portrayed as an illustrated and detailed feature on clothing. Whimsical pocket patches or bow ties were common boys’ looks spotted all over this season’s runways.

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3. Military

Although children’s’ fashion trends seem to come and go, another look has resurfaced and it’s bolder and cooler than ever. Camouflage is experiencing a major comeback and it just might be here to stay. This fashion-forward look was seen worn head-to-toe and in varying degrees of sophistication.

Classic camo greens mingled with a bright t-shirt was a very popular runway look, along with jackets, trousers, and hats. Another trend, patches, can be seen emblazoned across military-style jackets.


The last two children’s fashion trends below were fun looks seen across the boards, so everyone can try them out. The most important thing about following spring trends is to remind your child to have fun with their style and be true to themselves.

2. Bold Footwear

Footwear has taken a decidedly different direction this season and we like it! Bright colors are the freshest way to try this look out, so keep an eye out for bold color-blocked sneakers and strappy sandals. Several trends mentioned above, such as the military look (with camouflage print details) or punchy florals translate into a hip look that any boy or girl can rock.

1.Graphic Art Prints

For anyone who is a fan of Pop Art or making their own works of art, this edgy trend is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s famous works of art. Whether it’s comic book characters emblazoned across a dress or a bright skinny tie with yellow and black psychedelic patterns, graphic art prints is a daring look for kids who don’t want to play it safe.

Make Room in Your Child’s Closet for Spring’s Hottest Trends

Now that you’ve got the latest tips for kids’ fashion trends, we hope you check out more of our helpful ideas to stay on top of your life. Visit us today for the most current trends and life hacks around!