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10 Cool Life Hacks for a Better Wardrobe

Are you looking for ways to improve your wardrobe?

In a society that puts so much emphasis on appearance, the clothes you wear does matter in how people perceive you.

You want a wardrobe that’s affordable and reflects who you are. In order to achieve this, you must be organized and buy the right pieces.

This article will give you 10 cool life hacks for building a better wardrobe.

1) Invest in Important Pieces

When it comes to having the ultimate wardrobe, you’re going to want to spend money where it matters.

There are certain pieces of clothing that should be invested in as they will be worn for many years.

A winter coat is one of those items. You’ll need at least one basic, sturdy winter coat to carry you through the cold months. Black is always a good color to choose when in doubt as it will go with everything.

Jeans are another staple that you will be wearing day in and day out and therefore you’re allowed to splurge on. Make sure you have at least two pairs of high-quality jeans that won’t rip or let you down when the going gets tough.

2) Organize Your Closet By Color

Organize your closet by color before you get rid of anything to discover what colors you wear the most.

Then take this information and center your wardrobe around it. For instance, if you only have one purple shirt and it’s fuzzy you probably don’t wear purple very often. This can be factored out of your primary colors.

Once you know your primary colors, you know what colors you should be buying to match what you already have.

Organizing your closet by color makes finding what you need easier.

3) Get a Shoe Rack

Get a shoe rack and commit to keeping all of your shoes on the one rack.

There is nothing worse than missing one shoe when you’re trying to head out the door. A shoe rack will keep your organized and keep you from tripping over your shoes in the middle of the night.

Get rid of any access shoes that don’t fit on your rack. You probably never wear them anyway if you didn’t make it a priority to place them on the rack first.

4) Dress for Your Job

Many of us are spending five days a week at our jobs so it’s reasonable to center our wardrobes around our jobs.

If you’re a professional, you need to have mostly professional clothing with a few fun outfits.

Your closet should not be full of casual outfits with one or two professional ones if you’re in an office setting. You need to upgrade your wardrobe to match your job.

5) Buy More Basics

Basics are clothes that can be worn every day on nearly every occasion.

Plain white t-shirts, black dress pants, a black belt, and a white button-down are examples of basics that everyone should have duplicates of in their closet.

One of the best cool life hacks to remember is when you have the basics you’ll always have something to wear.

6) Use Accessories to Spice Things Up

You don’t always have to have oodles of quirky clothing to keep your wardrobe interesting.

Instead, spice up a basic outfit with accessories. A silk scarf adds interest to any look, as does a chunky belt or red lipstick.

Don’t feel that just because your wardrobe isn’t as fun as it was in college that you can’t look funky if you want to.

Fun accessories are less expensive and therefore more practical than full articles of clothing.

7) Give Yourself 24 Hours Before Buying Anything Expensive

If you see a dress you love in the store force yourself to adhere to the 24-hour rule.

Try the dress on but wait 24 hours to see if you’re still thinking about it.

Go home and identify which shoes and accessories you can wear the dress with. Honestly ask yourself if you have any occasions to wear the dress to.

If you still want it in 24 hours than buy it but force yourself to wear at least three times a year.

8) Tights will Tear

Always buy tights in bulk as they will inevitably tear.

If you live in a cold climate or simply like to wear tights to work, you should always buy a pack of at least 7.

You’ll be surprised how fast you go through them.

9) Roll Your T-Shirts

There’s no need to waste closet space on hanging up t-shirts that you only use to sleep or work out in.

Instead, roll your t-shirts and put them in a designated t-shirt drawer. This way they won’t take up unneeded space but you’ll be able to see them all clearly when you open the drawer.

10) Clean Your Closet After Each Season

Forget spring cleaning, one of the best cool life hacks when it comes to your wardrobe is making sacrifices after each season.

If you got through an entire summer without wearing a certain tank top, it’s probably best to get rid of it and make room for something new.

You’ll thank yourself when your closet isn’t so dense and it’s only full of things you truly love and wear.

When you have a cluttered closet your mind easily goes into overdrive and can’t decide what to wear. Steam line things and save time and stress in the mornings.

Follow These Cool Life Hacks for a Better Wardrobe

We get so stuck in our ways that it can be difficult to change and update our wardrobes.

However, change is good and it’s important that we check that our wardrobe is reflecting our career and personhood at its current state.