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10 Facts About the History of Poker That Will Blow Your Mind

Poker is one of the most popular card and gambling games in the world. People compete at amateur levels, all the way up to professional poker where you can make millions of dollars in a tournament.

Poker is a complex game that requires immense skill and certain personality traits if you hope to succeed. Poker has been around for a long time and has evolved over the years into what it is today.

Because poker is so popular and has been around for so long, there are some interesting facts about the history of poker that will blow your mind.

10 Mind-Blowing Facts About the History of Poker

If you’re an avid poker fan, you will love these incredible poker history facts. You can share them with your friends at your next poker night or at NJ No Deposit and blow their minds.

1. Poker Originated in New Orleans

Although the most popular form of Poker is called Texas Holdem, poker didn’t originate in Texas. It actually originated one state east of Texas in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

2. Poker Was Invented in 1829

Poker may have been played prior to the year 1829, but this was the first recorded game of poker. It was played by an Englishman in New Orleans.

3. Poker Was Originally Played With Just 20 Cards

Poker was much different when it was first being played, compared to the game it has become. It used to be played with just 20 cards, as opposed to the 52 card deck that we use today.

4. The Longest Poker Game Clocked in at Almost 8 and a Half Years

The longest game of poker ever recorded was at the Bird Cage Theatre in Arizona. It took a whopping 8 years, five months, and three days to finish.

5. Poker Used to be Played With Gold Instead of Poker Chips

When Poker was first being played, gold coins, gold nuggets, and any other form of gold were used to play. But they needed a more uniform currency, so people started to trade in their gold for poker chips instead.

6. The First Poker Televised Poker Tournament Was in 1973

Poker can be found on television all over the world. But it actually wasn’t until 1973 when the first poker tournament was actually televised.

7. Poker is the Most Profitable Sport in the World

Poker can actually be the most profitable sport in the world if you are one of the top players. The best poker players can walk away with nearly 50 million dollars in a single year, which is way more than football or basketball players make.

8. The Largest Poker Tournament Had Over 253,000 Participants

A poker tournament that took place in 2015 holds the world record for the largest poker game ever played. The tournament was online and the winner received $10,000.

9. There Are 4 Main Categories of Poker Games

There are tons of different poker games you can play that fall under four main categories. These categories are draw games, stud games, community games, and novelty.

10. There Are Over 300 Million 7-Card Poker Hand Combinations

This fact shows just how complex the game of poker really is. No matter how great of a poker player you are, a lot of it is still left up to chance.

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Poker is a classic card and gambling game that has an incredibly interesting history. Even the most amateur poker players can feel a bit in awe when hearing about some of these mind-blowing facts about the history of poker.

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