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Reach Higher: 5 Fulfilling Careers That Pay Over 100K

Complaining about your job isn’t just something to bond with strangers over at happy hour after work. It’s something that 85 percent of all Americans can relate to, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and general feeling down in the dumps when you go to work every day.

Most people stay because they need the money and they don’t know what else is out there. But what if you could leave your dead-end job for something that’s both fulfilling and can make you significant money?

Here are five jobs that pay over 100K that will also make you feel like your job has meaning.

1. Lawyer

Lawyers work to uphold our justice system, defend the innocent, and convict the guilty.

Depending on the type of law you go into, you could help free innocent people from jail, convict the worst felons, change unjust laws, and bring justice to victims.

It doesn’t hurt that the average salary for lawyers is around $118,000 per year.

2. Psychiatrist

If you have a passion for helping people get through mental health disorders and issues, becoming a psychiatrist is an excellent path for you. You’ll get to use your knowledge and your compassion to help people through some of the hardest and most difficult struggles in their lives.

You can literally change lives as a psychiatrist: both the lives of your patients and the loved ones around them.

The average salary for this job is $220,000 per year.

3. Veterinarian

Do you love animals? Do you want to take care of people’s beloved pets, or oversee the delivery of baby cows and horses? Then life as a vet would suit you.

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Spending your day with dogs, cats, and other pets is fulfilling and fun. And you will earn you a cool average of $100,560 annually according to a 2016 survey.

4. Financial Advisor

If you have skills in finance and money management and have the ability to work well with people, becoming a financial advisor is a fulfilling career option for you.

You’ll help people set up for their retirement, create college funds, and even pull people out of debilitating debt to live a healthy and sustainable life.

It’s also quite lucrative with a mean salary of over $124,000.

5. Pediatrician

Doctors and people in the healthcare industry in general experience fulfillment and joy from their job: they’re healing people and giving them healthy lives.

Imagine doing that for a child. Pediatricians can heal sick children and make sure their entire life that’s ahead of them is a good one. Also, being around giggling kids is a mood boost for anyone.

Also, you’ll earn over $195,000 on average.

5 Fulfilling Jobs That Pay over 100K: Wrapping Up

Only searching for jobs that pay over 100k isn’t enough. You can be getting paid millions and still hate your job if you don’t find it interesting or fulfilling.

Anyone of these careers can make you feel like you’re doing something good while also making you a great amount of money.