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Top 3 Unusual Hacks to Help You Quit Drinking Alcohol

While we’re in the midst of an opioid crisis, secondhand smoke kills people every day, and alcohol addiction still remains one of the biggest health hazards in our society.

A drinking problem wears your body down and puts others at risk if you happen to get behind the wheel with alcohol in your system. Studies show that six people die of alcohol poisoning daily, and 80,000 each year die in alcohol-related car crashes.

Everyone has their limits, but if you feel that it’s time for you to quit drinking alcohol, it’s important that you do so with some strategy.

Read on to learn some uncommon strategies for kicking the habit, and don’t hesitate to get help from a professional.

Visit a Hypnotist

Yes, hypnotherapy is far more than just hocus pocus. Science backs its benefits for a number of treatments, to include helping people quit drinking alcohol.

When you have a drinking problem, there is usually a trauma or trigger behind it. Hypnotherapy helps to uncover the underlying issue, so you can replace it with a positive pattern.

Some people get the hypnotist to rewrite alcohol cravings so that they are instead repulsed by the thought of a drink. Every hypnotist has their own method, so look in their background to know you’re making the right choice for you.

Find a Medicine That Makes Drinking Repulsive

There are plenty of prescriptions on the market that will make you violently ill when mixed with alcohol.

Touch base with a Stop Drinking Expert that can set you up with a prescription, so that you take the choice of having a drink out of your hand.

The pill will give you a headstart, but it’s important that you back it with some solid rehab, therapy, and reflection. This way, you’ll rewire your behavior to actually get past drinking without the aid of the pill.

When you fail to take the proper steps, the pill becomes a crutch, and you may eventually “accidentally” forget to take it.

Undergo a Meditative Practice

Meditation is universally hailed as a mental practice that creates positive mental connections.

Once you learn to watch your breathing and quiet your thoughts, your alcohol cravings won’t have as much of a hold over you. In fact, this act of quieting your mind lets you know when a craving is occurring, rather than simply being a prisoner to it.

Find a good meditation coach and a practice that works for you, and use it as if your life depends on it.

Many people who abuse substances find that meditation is a positive replacement for the drug that creates healthy living patterns for the rest of their lives.

Quit Drinking Alcohol For Good

Once you decide to quit drinking alcohol, make sure to treat it like a life change, rather than a fad.

This way, you’ll take a holistic approach and will take whatever steps are needed to make it stick.

Follow these tips and visit our site for more useful life hacks that can help you.