“What’s Up, Doc?”: How Often Should You Go to the Doctor If You’re a Healthy Person?

Just because you’re healthy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see the doctor. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When your doctor hounds you about getting that physical? Yeah, you should listen.

Though when you should visit the doctor is a hotly debated topic. Not every expert thinks you need yearly physicals. Some doctors even advocate for visits only when you’re feeling sick.

As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. That’s why today, we want to answer, “how often should you go to the doctor?” We’re bringing you the ins and outs of doctors visits. Let’s get started.

So, How Often Should You go to the Doctor?

There’s no right answer. Rather, there are a variety of answers that all depend on different factors. Some of those factors are within your control, some of those factors aren’t.

Time Since Your Last Physical

Let’s start with the easiest factor: the time since your last physical. If you haven’t been to the doctor’s office in years, stop what you’re doing and make an appointment.

Despite experts who think maybe we go to the doctor too much, to the tune of $5 billion annually, you should establish a baseline for your health.


Age is the largest factor, besides being sick, that affects how often you should see a doctor. The older you get the more regular you recommended visits. Certain age milestones mean yearly checkups.

For instance, doctors recommended women 21 years and older to get a Pap smear once every three years. At 50 (or 40 for those with a family history of colon cancer) people need a colonoscopy.

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Prior Conditions

Those with prior conditions need to see a doctor far more than people without chronic conditions. Diabetics especially need to see a doctor more than their non-diabetic peers. Checking blood sugar levels and medication success is extremely important.

Those with a predisposition to certain diseases should also see their doctor with more regularity. If your father had hereditary cancer, you should talk to your doctor about routine screenings to monitor for that type of cancer.

Medical offices like Gordon pathology can work with you to determine just how often you should see a doctor.

Family Planning

While not included in your yearly checkups, family planning means frequent trips to the doctor. Contrary to popular belief getting pregnant isn’t easy. People often try for years without conceiving.

Take a trip to the doctor to have your and your partner’s fertility levels checked. Your doctor will identify any medical problems surrounding your fertility and address them as needed.

Some couples find it helpful to keep visiting thing doctor when they’re trying to conceive. Repeat visits can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Hack Your Health

How often should you go to the doctor? As often as your health demands, but when you take steps to protect your health, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.  Staying healthy helps you live a happy, long, fulfilling life.

And the best way, besides heading to the doctor, to stay healthy? Our health hacks, of course! Always keep an eye on our blog.